Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

As much as I love AKi and he's been my favorite from SID since day one, I was a little skeptical about him going solo, but he's proven himself more and more with each release. This second PV release gives me a little more confidence and excitement compared to his debut "FREAK SHOW". It does give me a slight J influenced vibe in styling, but the overall appearance mixes the persona I know from his time in SID and a separate solo entity. I love the mix of studio, glamour shots, and vague storytelling. It has a good balance of polish, vintage, and indie in its respectful scenes. The song is also super catchy and it looks like AKi had a lot of fun filming this with his band buddies.

"QUALIA" by Arlequin
If you've known me for a long time, you know that I love indies jrock and I still do. I still check out new talent and this is one I picked up last year...I think. I'm not sure if I've shared them before, but this PV shows how much this band has grown in such a short amount of time. It's a very mature sounding song with a great bassline and vulnerable vocal delivery by Aki. Like most indies bands, the PV doesn't display a big budget in the least, but I enjoy the visuals provided to show off the emotional vulnerability with Aki and the mystery lady while also giving us glimpses of the band's chemistry, especially around the breakdown. This is definitely a great step in the right direction for the band and I'm looking forward to so much more!

"Rushiddo Dream" by DADAROMA
Aside from Pentagon and NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, I've been really into this band lately. Their sound is something I didn't expect from them upon first glance, but I feel like this little ramble of "newer" visual kei bands is more suited for a separate post or something. Much like the previous PV above, this was a major growth in quality and depth for the band and it made my heart flutter with excitement. It has a very passionate and haunting sound from the musical to the vocal arrangements. I love watching each member lose themselves in the music while Yoshiatsu belts out his soul to the world. The visuals are very polished, haunting, and subtly elegant. The story with Yoshiatsu and the child are very intriguing and the atmosphere is very immersive for this song. Definitely check this one out if you're new to DADAROMA!

"JAJAJA" by YDG feat. Dynamic Duo & Crush
After watching Show Me the Money 3, which I swear I haven't forgotten, I've been trying to listen to at least a little more of YDG's music every time he pops up in my feed. This is one music video I'm happy I've checked out. This smooth, classy track brings maturity and sophistication to the Korean hip-hop genre to break up all the aggression and trap rap. It still manages to show YDG's fun charm and mixes elements of jazz and R&B while have a charming and subtle sensual rap delivery. Dynamic Duo definitely elevates the class level of this song and video as well as contribute to YDG's story, while Crush channels Zion.T and molds into the saxophone jazz style of the melody. It's a real treat for the eyes and ears for sure.

"ah-ah" by TEEN TOP
It feels like forever since I've genuinely enjoyed a song from these guys, let alone a music video. The boys have definitely grown up a little since their "Super Luv" days, but they still retain that cute, young charm from those debut days. The song is sweet, fun, and charming and shows off their vocal abilities very well. I'm truly impressed by some of the range these guys have in the singing department. The video does hurt my eyes a little with the pastels and whites, but the overly contrast and bright colors in the darker areas are a nice break. I enjoy both sides though. It fits the fun, party atmosphere, while being a fresh, cute, and flirty video. They definitely look like they're having fun. Also, that fancy footwork! Omg~

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