Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fair Shake Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017, USA)
(Genre: Action/Comedy)

Spider-Man is a beloved hero that has been in the spotlight ever since my childhood. From the animated series, movies, games, and franchise reboots, he has remained a superhero fixture in the public eye. Yet due to the constant reboots, many speculated that there may not be a wholly satisfying portrayal of the comic book hero. With Marvel finally allowed to take the reins though, I, among others had high hopes after Captain America: Civil War.

The direction they took with Homecoming was refreshing as they decided to forego the origin story most audiences know well. Instead, having him younger as he is in the comics allowed them to still tell his coming of age story while balancing his already well known heroism as Spider-Man. The father-son dynamic between Tony Stark & Peter Parker is also in play here, making this a show of development for both characters. The action is very exciting and quirky as Peter has to adjust to the new capabilities of his Stark made suit all while enduring the threats of his technologically advanced foes. The Vulture was a great villain to present and tied very well into the cinematic universe by motivations and implied connections to future films.

In my opinion, this movie was simply amazing. The school portions really captured a normal teenager's experiences with a few "superhero" encounters and the desire to be more impactful as a hero is demonstrated with mastery. All the stars really gave their all in their performances, immersing you into the world as Marvel sees it. I highly recommend giving this film a watch, since sometimes being a friendly, neighbor Spider-Man can inspire America.

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