Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Anime Review

Elfen Lied (2004) | Rating: 4/5

Recommended by a good friend (and co-host), I was a little skeptical on whether I'd like it or not, but the story seemed interesting and dark enough to my liking. I checked it out from work and ended up thoroughly enjoying it enough to consider buying the whole series. I thought of a darker, slightly more serious Chobits. Although, there was one little thing that made me question the series that I'm sure is probably explained a little more in the manga series.

Papa to Kiss in the Dark (2005) | Rating: 3/5

A cute little yaoi OVA with a father/son pairing. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I'm a little picky about incest pairings. Sometimes I find them disturbing and other times intriguing. This...was moreso cute and weird. I liked the storyline and I thought things would turn predictable with the younger main character attracting his best friend and an older student at his school, but things went a different direction

Fruits Basket (2001) | Rating: 3/5

Probably one of the most overrated anime along with Naruto and InuYasha, I couldn't resist checking out the anime series last year. I ended up getting my siblings and cousins into the series. It's very enjoyable and follows the manga pretty decently. My only complaint about the series is that it was way too short, which might make Furuba fans disappointed if they haven't seen it yet.

Nerima Daikon Brothers (2006) | Rating: 4.5/5

I started this series this year and checked it out from work. I watched it with an online friend, who watched it in English while I watched it in Japanese with subtitles. She got hooked and I got hooked. This is very comedic and perverted little musical series that I would love to do a more in-depth review some time, but it's worth seeing if you enjoy comedies with random musical numbers in it.