Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project: Cosplay Documentary

If you didn't know I am an aspiring movie director and scriptwriter. I'm also a cosplayer...specifically a crossplayer. Let me breakdown some vocabulary in case you don't know what that is. Cosplay is aform of fashin where you mainly dress up as an anime character. Some people cosplay as jrockers, cartoon characters, or video game characters. Crossplay is a form of cosplay where a person dresses up as a character that is the opposite sex as themselves.

Like every hobby, there's always newbies, posers, and the elite, but I think cosplay should be fun for everyone and it shouldn't be taken too seriously. I guess I have a reasonable elitist mindset about the subject, especially appearance-wise because I'm black. People should take pride in their costumes and take advantage of the "play" part of cosplay, becoming the character. Also not to take credit for store bought or commissioned costumes and be respectful of other people's costumes. We should unite and help each other out to improve if people are willing. Cosplay is an art to me, it should be fun, but some seriousness doesn't hurt if you're considering high recognition and such.

Since I have this passion for film, participating in cosplay, and attending anime conventions, I want to combine my love into one by starting a documentary on the subject. I want to cover each type of cosplayer and cosplayer admirer. I also want to show off my own stuff and open up that little part of me to the world. So, if you're interested in helping a budding film director, please feel free to contact me through IM, email, or a simple comment on this post.

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