Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Goth

Starring: Kanata Hongô & Rin Takanashi
Directed by: Gen Takahashi
Language: Japanese
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 96 minutes

When I first saw this movie on the shelf, I was very excited as I've read the manga and thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew the manga was actually based off a novel by Otsu-ichi with the same title and I wanted to get around to it after I've seen the movie I purchased...compare them all!

It was a typical day in the suburbs of Japan, until an elderly woman spots a woman sitting in the stream of water dividing the stairway. She realizes this woman is missing a hand and informs her of it, but notices that the woman isn't alive. People in the park begin to panic and an officer takes control of the situation. This artistic murder has caught the attention of two high school students: a seemingly happy, socially accepted boy Kamiyama and a quiet, outcast girl Morino. They soon learn that they both share an interest in death and take it upon themselves to investigate the serial murders. During their investigation, they become a little closer and walls are broken down revealing the true nature of both characters.

Some viewers expected more of a horror movie, but it was more on the lines of a mystery. Since I haven't gotten around to picking up the novel, I'm only going to stick with what I know based off the manga. In some ways, the movie followed the storyline of the manga, but left out a few things. The movie was very slow paced and a bit hard to watch at times due to the speed. Now, I know I've watched and reviewed movies with the same pace, but Goth barely held my interest and I had to force myself to focus until the end just say that I watched it. [Also doesn't help that I was laying in bed and it was nearly 3 am ^^;;]

The actors chosen for the main characters were good picks, but on the negative side they were very emotionless and disconnected to the viewer which added to my waning attention span. They also tried to cram a lot of information in there that made a bit confusing and not as entertaining as the manga. Honestly, I think it would've been better executed if it were more a drama instead of a movie as the stories were split into sections that don't influence each other aside from Morino's mysterious past.

Aside from the slow pace and the disconnection between the characters and the viewer, I did enjoy the colorization and the camera work they used. They did have a promising concept, but as I said before, it would've been better if was in a drama format. In the end, I was bored, disappointed, and curious how the novel turns out compared to both mediums I've viewed. For now, I would pass on this movie and go pick up the manga.

Rating: 2.5/5

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