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Live: A-Kon 22

A-Kon 22
[2010.06.10] Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, TX
featuring: Blood Stain Child & D

Babel Entertainment's Shion cam

Blood Stain Child
Sophia: vocals
Ryu: guitar
G.S.R: guitar
Ryo: bass/vocal
Aki: keyboard/programming
GAMI: drums

Blood Stain Child was up first and I apologize as I don't remember the songs they played because I'm still a new fan of theirs. They had a lot of energy on stage and I thought their music was better live than it was on CD, although I only heard one album on my iTunes and it was with their previous vocalist. Sophia did a lot of MCing in English as she's fluent (and from Greece). She occasionally told us the story/meaning behind some of the songs they performed before performing them. They took a little time to introduce the band members. There was band leader and lead guitarist Ryu, that I seriously thought was a girl in the beginning. Silly me for thinking that in the world of jrock, but I didn't know much about them in the first place. She moved onto Ryu's younger brother, bassist, and secondary vocalist Ryo who is quite the opposite in looks compared to lolita Ryu. He tried his best at speaking English to us with Sophia's assistance. He didn't give up and I thought it was cute for such a harsh looking man. Next was the handsome, host-like guitarist G.S.R who said a few simple words in English. She introduced their keyboardist and programmer Aki, but he said he didn't speak, and she moved onto drummer GAMI who someone yelled that he was sexy. He laughed and played it off like a cutie.

Asagi: vocals
Ruiza: guitar
Hide-Zou: guitar
Tsunehito: bass
Hiroki: drums

Once BSC's set was over, the crowd got really excited, not because of just the anticipation of D performing, but because the boys were setting up their own equipment and looking mighty flawless doing it. They made a dramatic opening with "Der König der Dunkelheit" which made me and everyone else super excited. The energy was high and I felt lost in the music. Asagi's MCs were cute...mostly because they were in Engrish, but I could understand him 98% of the time, which is good. He also had a chance to introduce the members, which was pretty nice. They had great chemistry with each other on stage and moved around a lot. Tsunehito looked a little less creepy, but he still has fishy eyes. Hide-Zou seemed to have somewhat of a wall up and kinda had a stoic expression, but still showed power, passion, and energy. Ruiza was just adorable and fun. Hiroki was handsome and gave in everything he had behind the drums and was not afraid to be comfortable during their encore with his top open. Asagi practically owned and commanded the stage like this was his second home. A couple of the songs seemed neverending and I was a little worried for Asagi's voice doing all that growling and whatnot, but he kept going and the guys kept jumping around the stage. Asagi taught us how to do "Night Ship 'D'" with the flags which was fun. I was surprised they played some of their older songs that I knew more than their newer stuff like "Sleeper" and "Yami yori kurai doukoku no acapella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria". Also was happy they did "Yami no Kuni no Alice"! The grand finale of their set was their performance of "Ouka Saki Some ni Keri". Not only was the song just as amazing live, but Asagi changed into his kimono for it. He came out with a parasol, opened it up at the intro, and pink sakura petals fell on him. He took out his gold fan and started dancing occasionally during the song. During the guitar solo, I believe, he took out some more petals and fanned them out into the audience. It was beauitful, high energy, and everything. My memories a little fuzzy, but I think they might've done another song. When it was over, it didn't seem like they wanted to leave the stage as they kept returning and tossing things into the audience.

D's setlist minus the encore [borrowed from cool LJ user =X]

The crowd [and myself] at the live

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