Friday, August 12, 2011

Promo: Dev

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Discovered by the hot club duo The Cataracs through an Amy Winehouse cover, Dev was brought into the spotlight when the Far East Movement sampled from her song "Booty Bounce". From there she released her first single, "Bass Down Low", which is another great dance track and features The Cataracs as well. According to, audiences have compared her to Ke$ha, but I call that blasphemy as their style is very different from each other. She has recently done a few collaborations with other artists on her label and contributed to the latest Catarac song, "Top of the World".

With a sexy, alluring singing voice and fierce lyrical skills, Dev joins the ranks with colleagues The Cataracs and Far East Movement with an electro-hop sound. She has a memorable sound and an original flow to her voice and a delivery which blows Ke$ha away with minimal effort. Her latest music video, "In The Dark", keeps true to the feel good, sexy club sound that is trending. It features a slightly different side to Dev by combining her electro-hop with a little retro Latin horns. Not only is the video hot, but it keeps the anticipation high for her upcoming album, The Night the Sun Came Up, which will be released on September 20.

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