Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: RESCUE

Starring: Nakamaru Yuuichi, Ishibashi Ryou, Yamamoto Yuusuke, Masuda Takahisa
Language: Japanese
Genre: Action
Episodes: 9

Daichi Kitajima was a little boy trapped and rescued by a brave Super Ranger. After being saved the rescuer in orange, the rescuer became trapped immediately in another collapse. This unfortunate event inspired the young Daichi to train to become a Super Ranger and save lives in the future.

We follow him and a few other aspiring young men during their training until the time comes to announce those who are qualified for what field. Then we meet the older Super Rangers and develop a relationship with them as they interact with our familiar rookies.

Rescue is an emotional, action packed drama that reveals the bond between men and the impact of safety officials in the community. You definitely connect with each character naturally and there are moments where you need to reach for a box of tissues.

The acting among the cast were somewhat realistic and occasionally there were a few times where it seemed a bit overdramatic. The action sequences or rescue missions were clearly secondary, but not in a bad way. A couple of the missions are similar, but still enjoyable to watch.

Overall, I thought this was an interesting series, great choice of actors, and a thoughtful storyline. The drama could've been better and less dramatic acting-wise, but nonetheless, I don't feel like I wasted my time when I finished the series.

Rating: 3/5

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