Monday, August 20, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"STRoooONG" by DOG in the PWO
It's good to have some positive energy rock that isn't overly cute. These guys always deliver the fun aspect of jrock and I always appreciate it when they release something. The PV is a little darker than usual, but it still has their typical bizarre edits and effects incorporated throughout the video. It might seem like a little too much at times, but it fits the band's sporadic style.

"RIP" by Angelo
For some reason I get these D'espairsRay "Death Point" vibes from this song with a nice Angelo twist. I'm seriously enjoying the chemistry between these guys and it makes me love them even more. Kirito's voice sounds amazing, the guitar section is quite powerful, and Kohta and Takeo's subtle attacks really highlight the tone of this song. The video has a nice balance of story and band focus. Not too dramatic, but still emotional enough to lose yourself in the dark atmosphere. I have a feeling RETINA is going to blow BABEL out the water.

"Burning" by PHANTOM
It's been almost a year since "Hole in Your Face" and the trio has finally released their debut mini-album. You have no idea how pumped I am about this. Like many Phantom fans, I've been waiting for this moment and this video truly highlights everything I love about this group. The music is deep and emotional, matching the tone of the lyrics. The visuals match as well in a simple, but artistic way. They don't over do it with the effects and I find it interesting that there's a lack of color compared to the usual. I'm looking forward to hearing PHANTOM CITY.

"We're a Bit Different" by EvoL
Alright, once again I can understand the 2NE1 comparison, but for some reason it feels like they have something that 2NE1 lacks. I'm not sure what it is, but everything seems more. I know that totally doesn't make sense, but once you watch it perhaps it will make sense. I really love these girls and I've been listening to their first release on repeat this past week. I love their voices, style, and energy. It seems fresh despite the familiar electronic beat and the visuals of the video is quite appealing. I am looking forward to future releases by these fine ladies and I hope they don't lose their initial spark either.

"[s]hit parade" by Dali
So, I found out that this band is breaking up and I remember listening to them when all they had out PV-wise was "Placebo". I was really into Under Code and started leaning toward the label more and more when PS Company was becoming a little boring, then some bands graduated and whatnot. Anyway, this is my favorite PV from the men of Dali. The costumes are very intricate like most Under Code bands, the spotlight was a different idea, and the song has the right energy. It's a shame this band is breaking up, because there aren't many UC bands that I like anymore.

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