Sunday, April 14, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"World In Flames" by Rin -the end of corruption world-
This is one of my absolute favorite songs from this band and I was shocked that they made a PV for it. It is simply a masterpiece just listening to the instrumentation and Riku's echoing vocals flow through the acoustics and occasional bass additions. Having the fansubs and the visuals makes this all the more beautiful. I'm really going to miss this band and the new elements they brought to visual kei.

"Taidou" by DIAURA
I don't think I fully appreciated this song until I listened to REBORN and had to repeat it a billion times. It has so many awesome elements to it. The music and delivery is very haunting and commanding. I really need to invest in a hat like Yo-ka's. The song kinda reminded me of something Dio - distraught overlord would've done, which is an awesome thing. The visuals are intriguing and I hope they follow Dir en grey's lead and release an uncensored version to reveal more of the graphic, truthful message.

"Same Sky" by SiM
If you're a casual fan of this band, you've probably never experienced this mellow side. It's refreshing and feels very intimate. It has a simplistic melody, strong bass, and some soft vocals that makes you want to sway along with ease. I like that they catered to their international and Japanese fans with the bilingual subtitles. The narrative is intriguing and has a good balance between the story and the band pouring out their emotions in their own way.

"Babay" by Zion.T feat. Gaeko
You have no idea how happy I am that this man finally has a full length album out. I believe this is his second promotional song for this album, if you don't count the too short "Click Me" MV. Anyway, this has that smooth, classy, and fun sound that Zion.T is known for. From the beat and lyrically delivery, this song is just amazing, especially with the guest appearance of Gaeko to provide a good rap. The visuals are very unique and just as playful. It takes a lot of risks, but definitely fits Zion.T's style.

"Nod along!" by M.I.B
I'm so glad that these guys haven't dropped off the face of the earth or got lost in the shuffle of rookie groups from last year. Under the guidance of one of the best Korean rap labels, Jungle Entertainment, their talent is shining even more than before. It caters to both kpop fans by having a section of beautiful vocals and an interesting story while throwing in some actual rapping with a mix of electronic elements. It reminds me of MFBTY's style, which is fine by me. I hope they continue coming out with more new material, because I really love this new direction there going in.

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