Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quick Anime Review

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou (2013) | Rating: 3/5

Another series based on a game. Of course, I've never played it, but Corpse Party: Missing Footage got me curious for this OVA. If you're used to the gore and subject matter from series like Higurashi, then you can handle this. It is quite cruel, but there's a little less kid on kid violence. It's all about ghost, a haunting school building, and friendship. Things are a bit rushed in these 4 episodes and I would've liked something more expanded. What is given isn't that bad and there's a lot of anticipation to be had after each episode.

Shingeki no Kyojin (2013) | Rating: 2.5/5

There was (and still is) a lot of hype about this series and I was curious. Did I join hype bandwagon? Not really. I tried to figure out why everyone loved this series so much, but nothing really clicked for me. There were two episodes that did hook me and made me think the series was pretty great, but then after those two episodes I was back to being very neutral about the series. The story was interesting just not interesting enough to me. I guess there's things missing that I'd have to fill in if I read the manga, but most likely I won't do that. My biggest turn off was the art style which reminded me of Death Note, a series I'm not extremely fond but don't completely hate. There were also a few moments that did remind me of Neon Genesis Evangelion, another series I'm not super fond of but don't completely hate. I don't know. I tried to join the hype, but the hype didn't come. In short, I didn't hate the series. If I did, I wouldn't have watched the whole series and slightly anticipate a new season, if that's in the works. SnK fans, please don't hurt me. (/o\)

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation (2013) | Rating: 4.5/5

Yet another series based on a game and I can not wait until it gets translated for the States. I didn't know what to expect from this series, but the summary sounded pretty interesting. Little did I know that I was going to be hooked so easily to it. The story is entertaining and keeps you on edge with its mysterious cliffhangers on nearly every episode. The difference between this series and the previous anime above was that I was able to really attach myself to the characters. I just felt more invest in them. At the moment, this is my favorite anime series of 2013 that I've seen.

Miss Monochrome: The Animation (2013) | Rating: 2.5/5

After finishing a couple series, I randomly scrolled by this series. I was curious, so I read up on what it was about. Most anime fans are familiar with the 3D characters Vocaloids, so this is similar. Miss Monochrome is a character created by seiyuu Horie Yui. The concept is very simple. Miss Monochrome is an android whose goal is to become a popular idol. Majority of the jokes in each 4 minute long episode stems from her being an android and simple-minded when she sees an idol on TV doing certain promotional efforts such as gimmicky props, endorsing sports, and guesting on TV shows. These jokes are pretty cheesy, so they can be hit or miss if you don't mind this ongoing joke from episode to episode. It never changes. For me, it didn't bother me too much because of the length of each episode. It was cute and simple and if it were a full length anime, it probably would get old very fast and the charm would fade away.

Karneval (2013) | Rating: 2.5/5

It seems as though with these newer anime series based off of manga series can be hit or miss with its content. Reading the comments of this series from MyAnimeList, sadly this series miss the mark for most fans. I was intrigued by this series as of last year when I started it. The plot sounded interesting, the characters and situation immediately caught my attention from the beginning of the first episode, and the art style was a treat for my eyes. Unfortunately, by the end of the first episode, I felt unsure and as I progressed I still felt unsure or even borderline neutral toward the series' attempts. Picking it up later to complete, my feelings haven't changed. The characters are interesting and have unique problems they want to solve and the art style was still very alluring, but it felt like I was missing something throughout the series. According to the comments, it seems as though that I am, which is unfortunate as everything else seems to be going in the right direction.

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