Sunday, July 5, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Unlock" by Daichi Miura
Every time this man releases a new music video, I feel like everything must come to a halt and watch his video for a moment. The video mostly focuses on the amazing choreography, but really, that's all you need from Daichi's videos. His choreography remains unique, creative, and visually appealing. It exudes energy and passion and fits the tone of the music. The song is also very nice to listen to as well, which is just as important. It has a strong power to it and I enjoy the transitions between the verses and chorus.

"Smile Drop" by SKY-HI
This guy and Daichi are both part of Avex and I wanna say that I saw this in the related videos section of YouTube. I've seen his name from time to time and I figured I'd give him a chance. I ended up liking a few videos I saw and this is one of them. I like the fusion of modern and vintage with the visuals and sound. We have a very classic, lounge setting along with lots of brass instruments mixed with pop melodies and SKY-HI's back and forth vocals singing and rapping his lyrics. It's a fun, feel good song that you can't help but enjoy and move to.

"LUCIFER" by Anna Tsuchiya
Ever since seeing her live, I feel like I've missed so much and I don't even know how. Seeing new material from this very talented artist always makes me excited as the releases seem few and far between. This isn't a feel good summertime hit like "Brave Vibrations"; this brings in the goth and rocker sides of Ms. Tsuchiya. It has some beautiful gothic imagery and Anna looks very beautiful in both light and dark forms. I love the balance of tortured and quiet calmness of the music. It knows when to quiet itself during the dialogue and come back with a punch for the chorus.

"Bounce" by BOYFRIEND
Lately, the direction this group has been going is becoming more and more appealing to me and that kinda scares me. Not quite a fan, but I'm enjoying these darker, more mature concepts from this group. Sure, "Alice in Wonderland" has been used as a concept before, but they bring their own little style to it. It's a poppy goth that looks very sleek and polished on screen; I can see VIXX pulling this off. The song is far from dark and sticks to being a quite danceable and energetic pop song. I think this works a little better than their whole vampire concept.

"Paradise Lost" by GAIN
Every time this woman releases a music video, you know it's going to mature and sexual and this video is no different. It's not something I'm tired of either. It doesn't feel exploitative or forced either. What I've noticed is that she knows exactly how to express her sexuality and cover areas that most kpop idols can't touch for one reason or another. Going with the theme of her latest mini-album of Adam and Eve, this carries that theme of a forbidden paradise filled with many forms of temptation while making it entertaining, sensual, and slightly beyond current. The song is full of dramatics as well as the choreography and a great range of vocal and lyrical conflict. A great comeback song for Gain.

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