Monday, October 5, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

Not sure if I posted anything by this band, but I'm happy to see new videos from them every now and then, despite my poor habit of not seeking out their music further. It's a very light, energetic, and cute song that you can't help but bounce and dance around to it with the members. It kinda reminds me of either a rock version of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR. It's very refreshing for all the darker and heavier jrock I listen to. The video is just as colorful and creative with its placement of the members and utilizing the space they're in.

"赫音-justitia-" by THE BLACK SWAN
For all you NEGA fans out there that haven't jumped on the THE BLACK SWAN train, what are you waiting for? It might not be exactly the same, but it's pretty close to the dark, aggressive former Undercode Productions band produced. Jin's voice is still very diverse and has great control from verse to chorus. The melody is pretty catchy and has great transitions from the heavy moments to the quick chaos. The visuals and a bit of the vocal arrangement reminds me NEGA's "abase"/"quandrangle" PVs.

"That Good Good" by LuHan
With a title like that, I was a little worried that this would be a try hard hip-hop concept, but then I remembered...this is China. In other words, there's hope for minimal embarrassment from the former EXO-M member and obviously, it made my recommendation list for the day. It has a simple hip-hop beat that's easy to enjoy and listen to. The visuals are just enough to showcase LuHan's charisma and performing skills as he sells this laid back hip-hop/pop image that isn't too far of a jump from where he started. It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves and it just makes me happy seeing him trying something different.

"On My Mind" by Ellie Goulding
After Fifty Shades of Grey faded away, I was happy to hear new material for the upcoming album, DELIRIUM. It might not be riddled with vague, poetic lyrics like her previous albums, but I find this rather enjoyable and straddles the fence of her signature style and mainstream. Seriously, I could see this as an upgraded Taylor Swift song or something. No offense to Miss Swift. The music isn't obviously in your face dancey, but has a nice enjoyable pop beat that you can nod along with. The video is very...interesting. You have this abusive relationship going and a little bit of girl power revenge that's shot very well.

"Omen" by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith
I've been contemplating since the last recommendation post on whether to share this one or not, because really, the visuals are similar to "Latch", in a general sense. I'm sure some people are sick of Sam Smith being all over the place, but honestly, I think his collaborations with Disclosure and Naughty Boy is where I think he should take his own personal material. The beat is a smooth electro-R&B sound that really elevates Sam Smith's vocals. The visuals match the tone as well as the ongoing concept from video to video during their promotion for their new album, Caracel and I'm really looking forward to listening to that.

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