Friday, February 26, 2016

Fair Shake Review: Deadpool

Deadpool (2016, USA)
Recommendation: Watch in Theatres

The moment I heard Ryan Reynolds finally got the green light to do Deadpool justice after the X-Men: Origins debacle, I got really excited. I've always enjoyed the humor Ryan tended to bring to roles and I always wanted to get the background on Deadpool in film format. Then the teasers and trailers started to be released and my anticipation grew, yet I was slightly concerned. These days, trailers tend to give the best jokes away or even spoil movies. The task now was to see whether the movie had more to offer than entertaining advertisements.

Deadpool is the slightly crazy, quick witted mercenary in the comics and they transferred that straight from the page to the movie. The often self-aware comic book anti-hero is expertly portrayed by Reynolds as he jokes his way through life and the fourth wall, all while killing in style. What's great about the casting is that Weasel played by TJ Miller is also a great source of hilarious laughs. The rest is given through the chemistry between Deadpool anyone he talks to, from cab drivers, enemies, or his love interest, Vanessa.

This love interest is where the story comes in. The movie chooses to weave together "current" times with flashbacks to Deadpool's past as Wade Wilson. After being a small-time mercenary, he runs into a person of interest (Morena Baccarin) who fits right into his world. Right as the relationship begins to lead toward something more serious, Wilson's life seriously takes a turn for the worst with cancer in many vital organs. Though hesitant, he decides to resort to put his hands of a questionable organization and Ajax's experiments to rid himself of his sickness with a side of superpowers. The torturous trials Ajax implements force Wade to mutate in order to cure him. Their time together doesn't end amicably as Ajax intentionally deforms our merc with the mouth, leaving Deadpool seeking his revenge and repair to face his love again.

That revenge plot is the basis of the action of the film that I can honestly say is extremely entertaining as he's not as clean cut as the X-Men who are trying to recruit the new mutant. Every action movie thrives from the fight scenes, but survives from the storyline and this movie executes it fairly well. The pacing towards the middle of movie drags a bit in the origin section, but is overall engaging and in a room full of laughs provides a fun experience. The love story is funny but also heartwarming, and the action is heart-pumping & hilarious. If you enjoy the comic book movies of today and don't mind the language and crude humor, then this is certainly a must watch. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this in the theater with a full crowd, but I think I could see it by myself and still enjoy it the same. In conclusion, Fox saw Deadpool as a unsure variable for success, yet I'd tell them that "X Gon' Give it to You"!

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