Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: UnREAL Season 2

Title: UnREAL Season 2
Starring: Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer, Craig Bierko
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10

Lifetime has brought back the drama with another exciting season of UnREAL. After being introduced to the show by Ophelia, I was looking forward to seeing what crazy situations and dilemmas our cast of characters would get themselves tangled into. This time around, I was able to watch some of the episodes with Ophelia and share some fun commentary among ourselves.

After producing a surprising finale of "Everlasting", the stakes are higher for Rachel and Quinn to bring the ratings up a notch with their new season. Rachel makes a surprising pitch that has never been done before and presents the show's first African American suitor, a football star Darius Beck. Everything seems promising, especially when they cast a couple contestants with potential opposing views. When the new seasons begins to kick off, Chet enters the set and tries to spice up things with shameless eye candy and sex appeal.

First, I want to applaud the show's creators for this brilliant idea they've created. Not only does this show satire reality shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but also brings up the ugly truth on table and talks about controversial issues that people tend to avoid. This is also the closest we'll ever get to having an African American suitor on a show like this that isn't complete glorious trash like Flavor of Love. Now to focus on the review side of things. As I said before, I was looking forward to seeing how things would continue after the shocking finale of not only "Everlasting", but UnREAL itself. Of course, Rachel gets another chance at her career as producer, but in this season, it focuses more on her trying to find herself and her voice perhaps as not only a TV producer, but as a person as well. Rachel who is simply a great main character for a show like this deals with so much crap! She tries so hard to take charge, be her own person, and find someone who could mend the many wounds she's received over the years. She is constantly dealing with the consequences of her actions from the first season from the incident with Mary to her relationship with Jeremy. On top of that, she has deal with a new problem in the form of Coleman. Quinn continues to be a good, but not always ethical friend and at times mother figure to Rachel. She's still very controlling and wants her vision as well as Rachel's to come true and become successful. But in this season, we get explore a new side of Quinn that the first season didn't delve into. She wants to find true love herself; something that Chet failed to provide her in the first season and that made me like her just a little more. Obviously, the contestants on Everlasting present some great diversity and conflicts for each other, the suitor, and even our crew.

Along with the entertaining cast of characters, this second season does not hold back with the drama. With a show like "Everlasting", drama is required, especially if you want high ratings. From the girl who wore the Confederate flag bikini facing off with the African American activist to the girl who wants to be far away from football related things because of her father, there is an abundance of conflict for our fictional "Everlasting" viewers. With the crew, we have Rachel and Coleman trying to bring out the truth of "Everlasting" while gaining some positive recognition. Quinn tries to instill her vision of storybook/fairy tale love to the show, while also discovering that she wants love as well as being successful. Beneath that hard exterior, there is a hidden need to feel love and to give love. When reality and unreality collide, that's when things get really crazy! This season doesn't just tackle the controversies in reality TV, but in real life as well. I've already mentioned one of the contestants being an activist and the contestant who wore a Confederate flag bikini, but Rachel and Coleman took a huge risk in one episode. Darius, his best friend, and I believe a couple contestants decide to borrow the show's car to go on a little ride. Rachel decides to call the police and report the car stolen, then runs off with Coleman and a camera to film the results. This episode was a big game changer! It was so big that they had to put an advisory before the episode ran. In short, there are some racial issues they briefly talk about and they handle this subject matter very well.

Much like the first season, UnREAL continues to present quality, immersive drama that'll make your jaw drop. Watching the character development of our original cast along with new characters is still very entertaining and ultimately satisfying. I was very shocked and pleased that this latest season tackled some new controversial topics and did it with care. The finale was sweet and unexpected and I am extremely pumped for another wild ride with Rachel, Quinn, Chet, and Jeremy on "Everlasting".

Rating: 4.5/5

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