Friday, December 16, 2016

Awaken, My Love & Atlanta Video Review

Awaken, My Love - Childish Gambino
(Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk)

Links related to Awaken, My Love:
Me and Your Mama LIVE (One of first previews of the project)
Redbone (The second "single")
Stand Tall (My favorite song from the album)
The Needle Drop's Review (He actually likes the project)
Dead End Hip Hop's Review (Even though they mainly do hip hop) 

(Genre: Comedy/Drama)

Links related to Atlanta:
Black Hollywood Live (Their review of Episode 8, "The Club")
AfterBuzz TV (Their review of Episode 7, "B.A.N.")
Brian Tyree Henry Interview (On Sway in the Morning)
FX Live Event w/ the Cast (Talking about Atlanta)
LaKeith Stanfield Interview (On Breakfast Club...I semi-hate this interview. lol)
Dead End Hip Hop on Atlanta (A discussion from people in Atlanta)

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