Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Live: The Vultures Unite Tour

The Vultures Unite Tour
[2010.10.19] Shadowplay Lounge in The Woodlands, TX
featuring: Conditions, Dangerous Summer, Anarbar, & VersaEmerge

The concert was held in a fairly new club called the Shadowplay Lounge. Originally it was suppose to be held at the Meridian in Houston, but another lesser known band that I enjoy (Nancy Silva Project) was holding a concert there on the same date. I claimed my spot and tried not to get too close to anyone because it was hella hot in that place. I guess they forgot about body heat and the place is located in Texas, so AC is a necessity.

Unfortunately, due to my friend and I being lost in the dark depths of the Woodlands, we missed Conditions and Dangerous Summer. We also got hungry and decided to skip out on Anarbar to eat at a pizza place next door. ^^;

After tuning the instruments and whatnot, the drummer stepped up first, then Blake [guitarist/vocalist] and Devin [bassist] joined him...followed by front woman Sierra. They opened up with "Fixed At Zero" which everyone, including myself, knew all the words to. The energy was very high, just like the temperature, but I could tell this would be a great show. Here's my shot-y setlist:

Figure It Out
Mind Reader
Fixed At Zero
You'll Never Know
Your Own LoV.E
Clocks (acoustic)
Moments Between Sleep
Fire (Aim Your Arrows High)
Past Praying For

Pretty sure I might be missing some. Sierra and Blake's voices were beautiful and everything was flawless. Although, the sound sucked and didn't really give Sierra's lovely voice justice through the speakers like Blake's. She made lots of fan contact and banged on the cymbols on one of the songs. She even stage dived, which made me worry because everyone just kinda backed away and got all nervous like they've never seen that before. It was also comforting knowing that we weren't the only ones who were hot, because Sierra commented on it a few times as well. Their last song was an older one done in acoustic style called "Clocks" and Sierra requested for some fans to get on stage and gather around her. I didn't know what to expect, but when I heard those first few notes, I was very pleased.

I hope next time I see that I don't have to ride/drive all the way to the Woodlands, have some decent air circulating in the building, the sound is better, and that I actually get to make the meet and greet beforehand. Aside from those club problems, I had a lot of fun and I was happy with the song choices and the energy everyone delivered between each other. Oh yeah, Sierra is a very beautiful woman.

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