Monday, May 2, 2011

Promo: Natalia Kills

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Natalia Kills is the new face of innovative dark pop in Cherrytree Records. She started off acting at the age of 7 and moved onto writing music for various soundtracks. She had a couple other aliases before becoming Natalia Kills and signing onto the Cherrytree label. Her most recognized debut was her single, Mirrors. Although, she did have two other promotional videos for "Zombie" and "Activate My Heart" uploaded on her YouTube account.

I believe I was introduced to her through a recommendation on Some things played on My Recommended Radio and I checked out her stuff on YouTube. I was easily hooked and sadly was one of those people who felt her sound was a little similar to Lady Gaga. I believe they have a little connection with each other aside from the label, but their sound and style are very much their own. Natalia has the potential to become something in the U.S. as long as dance music is trending and she keeps her face in the music scene. She's doing a pretty decent job by touring with Robyn and Kelis as well as a collaboration song with the rising Asian talent Far East Movement. She also has a short mini film on her account that shows off her acting and directing abilities as well as keep you in suspense of what's going to happen next and the release of future material. She's recently released the single and music video for "Wonderland" to promote her debut album, Perfectionist. It is currently available in the UK and hopefully will be sold in the U.S. soon.

Check out the Director's Cut of "Wonderland"!

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