Friday, April 29, 2011

Live: A Tour of the American Dream

A Tour of the American Dream
[2011.04.23] Scout Bar in Houston, TX
featuring: Egypt Central, Kopek, Oceans Divide, Raging Apathy, & Cold

Raging Apathy

I thought the name was a little ironic somehow. Their music was alright, but I could live without their vocalist. They weren't really memorable, so I can't say much for them. In short, instrumentals were good and vocals were not so good. Their image was pretty plain as well, but everyone that performed were casual anyway.

Oceans Divide

This band faced the same problem as Raging Apathy. Lack of vocal talent and interesting instrumentals. I actually ended up liking the first band more than this one. Off topic from their lackluster performance, I thought their vocalist was pretty good looking. I tried to take him home with me. It was quite interesting.


I kept seeing this short dude with dreads and never thought this guy was the vocalist of the band. They were alright. Less interesting than the previous two bands. They had a less generic rock sound. At first, they started having bits of Rage Against the Machine. Must be some trend for bands with dreaded up members to have that similar sound sampled somewhere, but it all went downhill from there. I couldn't really rock out like the other two to their music. They were a little interesting as they were from Dublin and even performed a tribute song for the troops, but not my cup of tea.

Egypt Central

The first couple bands were very mainstream generic and Kopek stepped out the box a little, but this band was my favorite out of the openers. They were heavier, more intense, and hard core. One of my friends enjoyed them as much as I did as well. I think that's where most of the damage was done, rocking out to them. I think the audience responded the most to them as well.


One of my friends, that's a die hard Cold fan, assured me that the fans weren't gonna get too crazy when Cold came on stage and she was right. There was still a lot of energy and a great connection between the audience and the band. It was an amazing show and Scooter interacted with the crowd every now and then. I was a bit in and out with my own energy, but that was because my body wasn't 100% in the first place. I try to give my all and my friends as well as they were a bit stiff from standing longer than they're used to. They gave a couple samples of their new material from their upcoming album, Super Fiction. I was surprised I heard some familiar songs, especially since I haven't listened to the band in months. Made me feel a little guilty, but it was amazing to hear live. Here's the so-so setlist with a big help from my Cold friend:

[no particular order]

Wicked World
Stupid Girl
Happens All the Time
What Happens Now
Just Got Wicked
When Angels Fly Away
End of the World
God's Song
No One
Back Home?
The Day Seattle Died

The Day Seattle Died

This experience changed my point of view them a lot. My main complaint were people walking past us too much. Stand still and enjoy the show! Also, the whole V.I.P pass was disorganized, but my friend and I got what we wanted and a little more. I'm really glad I pushed myself to go. Push the pain aside and simply enjoy the company of my friends and great music.

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Steven H. said...

I was there, and personally, Raging Apathy OWNED. For an opening band, they had a great following and memorable hooks. Not so for the rest of the bands. I thought Cold was just that... COLD.