Thursday, October 13, 2011

Promo: Block B

[from left to right] B-BomB, Park Kyung, ZICO, Jae Hyo, P.O, U-Kwon, & Tae Il
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In the beginning of 2011, a well-known rapper by the name of Cho PD was out on a mission to bring seven talented young men together and create wonderful music. By April, the group was revealed as Block B and debuted with their first single, Wanna B. In June, they were part of a mash up show on MTV with rookies B1A4 and soon their first mini album, New Kids on the Block, was released.

At first, I agreed with comments that Block B is like a combination of B2ST and Big Bang, but recently, they're slowly gaining their own image. It's great seeing them wanting to grow as men and performers despite their dislike for doing choreography. They have tons of potential and I hope they continue to grow and become better performers.

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