Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Last Scandal

Title: Majimak Seukendeul [The Last Scandal of My Life]
Starring: Choi Jin Shil, Jung Joon Ho, Byun Jung Soo, Jung Woong In
Language: Korean
Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: 16

Jang Dong Chul and Hong Sun Hee were classmates and first loves, but one day, Sun Hee doesn't show up for a date. Years later, they cross paths, but Dong Chul is now a famous actor by the name of Song Jae Bin and Sun Hee is a housewife and mother. When they reunite under unfortunate circumstances, they're both surprised by each other's appearance and later their personalities.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen many Korean dramas, but this has easily become one of my favorites. I believe I started this around last year and I finally got around to finishing it last week or so. At first, I immediately compared it to Full House as both dramas deal with a jerky celebrity male lead and a stubborn female lead that has to earn her keep through manual labor. Even with that factor and sharing the same genre, they're both different.

Last Scandal became an addicting series. It was full of twists and turns and, of course, dislikable characters that made the generic formula more intriguing. The casting was a great selection and I enjoyed the chemistry between all the characters. The romantic moments weren't overly cheesy and everyone's personalities stayed consistent to the end.

What I really liked about this drama compared to most is that the characters are easy to relate to. I think that the story could translate to America without changing a thing, but I highly discourage a remake of the show in the U.S.. Sorry, guys~

Even though things become predictable, it's still exciting to see things unfold, bend, and crack. For me, my impression of each character from when they first appeared never changed even when the writers threw curve balls at me. I highly recommend to romantic comedy lovers to check out this rollercoaster of a series.

Rating: 4.5/5

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