Monday, July 16, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Best Partner" by JASMINE
I don't mention her enough, but she is so underrated and talented. Unfortunately, her music videos aren't mind blowing, but they're still visually appealing in some way. This is her newest release that takes artistic angles of the characters and herself in this deep and powerful song. It's not her best song, but it's still beautiful and I like that her stylist toned down her style for something a little more neutral. Totally waiting for JASMINE and Daichi Miura duet!

"Stay Close" by Fireflight
This video has a combination of polished looks and a independent student film project. It's not a terrible thing, but it makes you think and matches the lyrics of the song in a subtle, deep thinking way. It's a pretty simple video in some ways, but the production seems a little higher than the previous videos I've seen from this underrated Christian rock band. I'm glad they haven't lost their punch either.

"I Love You" by 2NE1
It's been a while since I felt that a YG group was worthy of being on my recs. I just had more problems than enjoyment, but I shall go into detail when I get around to reviewing their respective releases. I was a little skeptical at the beginning of this video since it really gave off some sort of Madonna/Lady Gaga vibe in the speaking, then the music started. This is definitely a different side of the girls and I appreciate that. The song is addicting and the visuals are very much appealing. I enjoy the styling and it almost makes up for their Japanese choices. Granted this whole music video package isn't perfect, but the flaws are more minor compared to "SCREAM". I won't go into detail too much unless asked.

"Resuscitate Me" by September
It's hard to find truly emotional dance songs with stunning visuals and this is one of them. I know this is an old song, but I just ran into it recently and honestly I can do whatever I want with my recs. I love the inflections of her voice and the passion she gives with her vocals and actions. The video is quite effective without being too out there like some dance songs.

I love this band and it's a shame I don't mention them that often. They make incredible music and they hardly let me down. This is a fairly simple, but catchy song. They also chose the nearly overused church and desert scenery, but it's edited very well and you almost don't mind it. Everyone gets their own spotlight in the PV and it's quite enjoyable to watch and, most of all, listen to.

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