Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quick Movie Review

Gone (2012, USA) | Rating: 2.5/5

Alright, another movie starring Amanda Seyfried~ Well, I must admit this is better than Red Riding Hood for sure. I was tempted to see this in the theaters, but I ended up waiting for the DVD release instead and checked it out. It has an interesting story and I had some predictions for it. Unfortunately, my predictions didn't come true and the story went in a generic fashion throwing in stupidity and minor mental instability into the mix instead. It wasn't a terrible movie, but it didn't have that punch at the end either.

Brave (2012, USA) | Rating: 4/5

One of the summer movies I was looking forward to seeing and I saw it with my mother, which I highly recommend future movie goers to do. It's a very touching story and the animation is astounding. I couldn't get over the hair textures for the longest. The accents took a little while to adjust to, but the characters are great and the audience can relate to them easily. Lastly, I think the media or whoever needs to get over the whole "Merida is a lesbian", because that's a really stupid thing to say.

The Secret World of Arrietty (2010, Japan) | Rating: 3/5

I've heard this was based off of or inspired by The Borrowers and I can only think of the movie starring John Goodman from 1997 that I had on VHS. It's a good inspiration for a story with tiny people and those who find them pest. It's not the best of Miyazaki's work, but I did enjoy the story and I really should re-watch it in Japanese to see the differences. There were a couple things that seemed a bit rushed for me and the ending is kinda bittersweet, but touching.

Madea's Witness Protection (2012, USA) | Rating: 2.5/5

Had a family outing to the theater that included my dad. This is the only time he goes to the theater is when Madea is on the big screen. It has its stereotypical Tyler Perry formula, but there's no abusive romantic catalyst which is nice. It focuses on a different aspect of relationships among spouses and family. It seems like Mr. Perry picked up some extra money to put all three of his characters in the same scene more than once. Although, not very good, but he's still learning and I commend him for that. There are some awkward acting moments with him as well and if you analyze the movie too seriously, you'll find a few more faults. Take this movie lightly.

Mirror Mirror (2012, USA) | Rating: 4/5

I found it amazing and a little annoying that two movies covering the same fairy tale were coming to theaters in the same year. I was leaning toward the dark side and avoided the light, but I was swayed when I watched this movie. I haven't seen the other movie yet, but I'm anticipating comparing the two some day. For now, I'd like to say that I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. The visuals are stunning and I couldn't get over the elaborate costumes and intriguing story. It's different than the animated Disney timeline and I enjoyed the new direction without straying off too far from the familiar.

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