Monday, February 18, 2013


Greetings,  cult-followers

My names Emi, and I'm another writer that'll be contributing to Muddy Cult this year. I expect that all three of us will collaborate well to bring you material that is both curated and original in its content. With that said,  I think I'll leave you with a short intro.

I'm a twenty-something college student who is passionate about Asian entertainment, social justice, and art in its many forms. My interests fly all over the place but mostly revolve around music, books, fashion, and film. I'm easy-going, open-minded and willing to respect peoples' opinions, even if they differ from my own. It's an honor to have been granted the opportunity to share reviews with you and I hope you enjoy them. As always, feel free to ask us questions, make requests and send feedback. Thank you for your wonderful support!

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