Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recommended Music Videos: Valentine's Edition

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're involved in a relationship or not, Valentine's Day is often a time of mixed feelings. It may be because you can't be with the person you love. It may be because you have no special someone. Then again, it may be because your special person is being annoying. Love is a very complicated emotion. It's not all good nor bad. Most of us just enjoy the holiday because it means a lot of chocolate and candy hearts.

Regardless of your feelings on the holiday, I've decided to do something a little fun. I've put together nine eligible bachelors and one bachelorette in the form of music videos. Take this with a grain of salt. I don't intend to be offensive to any fangirls who may read this. There will be a second half to this post that I'll get up tomorrow. That one will be the opposite with songs that feel very anti-love and commitment. Feel free to comment as always. I'd like to hear feedback from the Muddy Cult readers!

Leave it to Kirito to paint a the scene of a lover who will destroy everything to leave you lost and alone. Once he's accomplished this, he'll rebuild the world and show you his vision of the future. It's unclear whether this is a healthy relationship to be in, but it's certain that Kirito isn't the type to give up on what he wants. Approach your future with Angelo's dictator frontman with caution.

This is a man who will love you forever. No matter what the future brings, he's willing to walk hand in hand with you toward it. Even if the time comes when you forget him, he'll still stand by your side and strive to reach your heart. Don't let his age fool you. His life experience only adds to his charms. Kiyoharu won't play around with your heart like some of the younger men will.

Oh Asagi. It was inevitable that a creature of the night would sneak his way onto this listing. Our dear vampire vocalist will condemn you to an eternity of endless darkness. Yet, he won't abandon you along the way. He'll guide you through every step of your damnation with a firm, loving hand. If you want commitment ladies, this is the one for you. To escape his love, you'll have to endure a big stake through the heart or burning alive in the sun! You can't get much more committed than that!

Hyde might be gone for most of your relationship. You can be assured though that every night before he goes to sleep that he's thinking of you and the life you have together. He might not come home tomorrow or the next day. His friends may take up more of his time than you'd like, but eventually he'll make his way back into your arms. You can sleep well knowing that you own his heart even if he's miles away from you.

Your blossoming relationship with Atsushi Sakurai may be the last one you ever have. Life with a gothic prince such as Sakurai-san is bound to have some side effects on your health. Whether he's a vampire or another sort of demon, it's quite certain that his darker charms will keep you spellbound for centuries to come. If nothing else, that hypnotic stare and smooth voice will lure you into his web.

Gackt is capable of having deep affectionate feelings for a person. The trouble is getting him to narrow this down to one person. He may hurt your feelings by flirting with that cute girl down the street. He may break your heart over and over by stealing a kiss from the hot guy he's been spending a questionable amount of time with. In the end, no matter how much he hurts you, he always tries to make up for it. If you can handle his playboy ways, Gackt will always come back to you in the end. 

Beni is the type of woman who'll support you even if you don't fall head over heels for her. She's scared of rejection, but she's hopeful that you might give her a chance. This is a woman with a big heart and a lot of love to give. Her heart is open to you. All you have to do is reach out and make the first move. 

Kyo is a complicated man. He's rarely one to let his emotions spill to the surface with the weight of truth behind them. However, that doesn't mean he is incapable of feeling nor telling the truth. He's a man who will protect himself with a carefully crafted lie. If you break his heart, he'll keep his pain secret. It'll take a bit of work for you to find a way through the shell he uses to protect himself. Once you have, he won't let go easily.

Inaba Koshi is a simple, honest man. If you fall in love with him, you can be guaranteed that he'd be loyal and dedicated to assuring that you're happy. The safety and happiness of his loved ones are the most important things to a man like this. He's a protector, a nurturing soul. Loving such a man is likely as close to having your own Prince Charming as you're going to get. 

Tatsurou is usually a fun, outgoing guy. You're guaranteed to never have a dull moment with him in your life. He's also capable of being romantic. Tatsurou will share his umbrella with you when you're caught out in the rain. It may take him awhile to recover if you decide to leave him. He has a deep heart that could be easily broken. Treat him with care and remember to enjoy the small things in life. 

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