Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 7 Recommended Music Videos

"BALLAD" by lynch.
I know it's been a while since I've done one of these and I'm pretty sure you've already seen this masterpiece. You would think this band would have a hard time with such emotion filled songs, but Hazuki's voice effortlessly carries his passion through while tugging at your heartstrings. The band's signature rock sound works just as well with the bits and pieces of piano added in here and there. The PV is quite simple by focusing mostly on Hazuki and his movements while switching to artistic natural faded tones of the band and a woodsy atmosphere. If you haven't watched this, please give it a couple previews.

"Beast" by Jolin Tsai
You would think videos for Jolin Tsai's latest album were done last year, but she makes another contribution that'll make kpop girls beg for mercy. The introduction music reminds me of the latest Robyn album with a few little updates for the new year. The visuals have an artistic Bjork vibe with subtle sex appeal and a pole dance that puts Gain to shame. Both the visuals and music are alluring or at least tempting to find out what the heck is going on. Either way, it'll be hard to tear your eyes away from this one.

"I.N.D.O" by Yankie feat. Tablo
Somehow I can picture this on Django Unchained soundtrack. It has a mixture of something Timbaland would produce with the looping Indian music. It makes me happy to see Yankie making music again. Don't let the black and white deter you from watching this abstract piece of fury. I like the abstract and quick cutting shots from Yankie and Tablo and random objects. I wish there were less vocal distortions during Tablo's verse, but nonetheless I am pleased.

"The art of seduction" by Heo Young Saeng
I was very reluctant to even watch this video, but I'm glad I did...with subtitles. This seems like a playful song that appropriately displays the mind of a kpop fan. It switches between reality and fantasy while showing off some slick and simple choreography. The song isn't that bad either. Nothing I would normally go for, but the video sold me to try this artist out. Hopefully, not all of his songs sound like something from an Eddie Murphy album.

"Just Go" by RANIA
I'm so happy that these girls are going in the right direction with their style and music. This is mature, catchy, and just plain good. There are a couple unflattering costumes that they should ditch: the white and black bodysuits. Other than that, this video is very polish and another huge step away from "Dr. Feel Good" and "Pop Pop Pop". I can't wait to listen to their new mini album. I hope they continue in this direction too.

"Standing Still" by U-KISS
The group is back...and with AJ! This video made me very happy. Not only is AJ back, but the song is amazing and consistent with their growth in the right direction. Whether South Korea wants to acknowledge it or not, this group has only been improving with each release. Ignoring the random girl, the video is quite simple and focuses on choreography by experimenting with flashing lights, polished settings, and silhouettes. Watch out, kpop boys, U-KISS is back to teach you a thing or two on the dance floor...and even some good vocal melodies.

"ie" by Yeti
If you haven't watched this from my last vlog or any where else, please give this band a chance, especially if you're a fan of aicle. or Emiru. This is his new band and it is far from oshare kei. It kinda has a Radwimps visual and musical style to it. I think Emiru's vocals have improved a little as well, but still has that unique sound that I can pick out from other vocalists. This video is very creative and fun with the different movable parts that the members change throughout the video. I look forward to more from this budding band.

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