Sunday, September 22, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Applause" by Lady Gaga
One morning, I woke up and saw this video on my TV. Normally, I would've gone back to sleep because it was pretty early, but since I've been waiting to see new Gaga, I stayed awake. I did not regret what I saw or heard. Everything that she promoted for Born This Way felt overproduced, but this reeled in the craziness to her Fame Monster time. It still has some theatrics from her last album, but they are more restrained visually. The song is absolutely catchy! I can't get enough of it. I'm still going into Artpop cautiously, but this was a good start.

"INCOMPLETE" by girugamesh
It feels like forever since I found a PV and song I enjoy from this band. I was cautious going into this new PV, but I was very satisfied. It might not sound like 13's Reborn or Girugamesh, but it has all the good elements of Music, which I actually enjoyed despite some fan disagreement. It mixes electronic and rock sounds together just like the album I mentioned and Girugamesh is good at that. It's not too poppy or reminiscent of an anime opening, it's rock and that's what I missed about them. Maybe the split versions of the band reflect that in the PV.

"THE SWAN" by 12012
Despite the changes the band's music has gone, I still love this band and now they have a new member. I was happy to see this PV and expected a certain direction it was gonna take. I pleased that I was proven wrong in the arrangement. Omg! This song is so beautifully done and reminds me of "Just the Way You Are..." to some extent and I really like that song. It does still have some aggression in there, but it is very brief. I enjoy and miss Wataru's lovely, unique vocals and the music is just as pleasing to the ears. The PV is simplistic and artistic. It focuses on the band, gives Wataru a little spotlight as the black swan, and some sketches. I'm looking forward to listening to the new material.

"Picasso" by Yeti
I was very happy to see a new PV from Emiru's new band Yeti. It's a fun, little simple tune and visual concept. It still reminds me a little of Radwimps, but this time with a mix of Plastic Tree with the sound. Sometimes band centric videos can be quite interesting. I would post more PVs that are band centric, but I want to prove that music videos are not dead...even when you do it this way. I'm looking forward to more music by this band and I hope they keep their momentum. It's still a little weird seeing this normal appearance of Emiru compared to his aicle. days.

"Attraction" by BUMKEY feat. Dynamic Duo
As much as I miss 2wins, it is nice to hear Bumkey's voice and see him being active in the music scene. Visually, I think this video takes an old American approach. Warm tones, loose, but sweet love story, and focus on the artist. It's fun, relaxed R&B track with some fresh artistic approaches to the editing to keep it interesting for the modern time. The song is flawless. It does have a sprinkle of 90's R&B cliches, but we haven't heard them in decades so it's easily forgivable...especially since I miss that nostalgic sound. I hope he doesn't keep me waiting like Zion.T and puts something out soon.

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