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At A-Kon 23 in Dallas, TX, AYABIE held a Q&A for the fans and here is a summary of what was said and done at the event. This summarization was written by a good friend, Aurora, and I want to thank her for sending this to me and allowing me to share with you, my lovely Cult followers! Also, I want to thank Babel Entertainment for bringing AYABIE to Dallas and allowing the fans this opportunity. Lastly, a thank you to the members of AYABIE and their team for allowing us to become a little closer to them.

Written by: Aurora | Edited: Miko Suzahiru

Band Members
Yumehito - vocals
Takehito - guitar
Intetsu - bass
Kenzo - drums

Yumehito said he was inspired by Kabukicho for the concept of AYABIE.

A repeated answer Yumehito gave was how he enjoyed how much we cheered as compared to the Japanese audience.

When asked about an embarrassing moment from a band member, Yumehito instantly mentioned Kenzo. Kenzo refused to tell the tale so Yumehito enlightened us. The previous night after the concert, Kenzo became very intoxicated and proceeded to take off his belt to spank one of the A-KON staff members. This was then followed by Kenzo being spanked by said staff member with his own belt.

Yumehito said the worst thing that happened to them as a band was during a multi band live there was no one in the audience for their set.

For current favorite video games, Kenzo said Final Fantasy, Yumehito said Pokemon, Takehito said Monster Hunter, and Intetsu said Call of Duty.

Kenzo’s favorite band is KISS, Yumehito’s is Malice Mizer, Intetsu’s is Slayer and Takehito’s is X Japan.

When Ayabie first went overseas to Europe, they were so surprised at the amount of fans they had and the reception they received.

They were asked to label each member as a family member where I believe Takehito answered for them and said Intetsu was the grandpa, Yumehito was the son, Kenzo was labeled a dog after someone in the audience called out for it. Takehito agreed and also decided he would be a dog too.

Someone asked if they liked tacos in which Intetsu said “Yes! Very Texas!” [Fun Fact: One of my friends spotted three of the boys at Taco Bell ordering about $100 worth of food]

At one point someone’s phone began to go off while we were waiting for someone to say their question. Yumehito started dancing before taking the mic to say in English “Silent mode”.

They were asked to label themselves an animal. Kenzo said he was a sexy dog, Yumehito was a cute dog, Intetsu was a pretty cat, and Takehito said he was a husband. This was because a fan from Japan earlier said that Takehito was her husband.

Another fan from America asked for Intetsu’s hand in marriage which let to a very surprised Intetsu who replied, “Yes, lets get married tomorrow.”

When asked what their favorite anime was, Kenzo said he’d been watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ranma ½, Keroro, and Naruto. Intetsu said Fate Zero. Yumehito mentioned some old anime we weren’t familiar with and Gintama and Takehito said Dragonball.

In their free time, Yumehito likes to collect Kamen Rider, Intetsu likes to cook and have tea parties, Takehito likes to drive, drink, and sleep when he isn’t doing something music related. As Takehito said his hobbies Intetsu pantomimed them for the audience. Kenzo said he liked listening to music, watching movies and sleeping.

Kenzo’s best advice for people starting a band was to just do it.

Everyone said the language they want to learn is English so they can communicate with us better.

When asked to make a wish, Kenzo said his wish was for them to come again next year.

When asked if any of the members were dating, Yumehito said he had no girlfriend right now, but please go out with him. Intetsu said no because he was getting married tomorrow and Takehito said no because he was already the husband of the Japanese fan.

Intetsu said his favorite food was Taco Bell. Yumehito asked the band if they know/love sushi to which all of them laughed and were like “Yeah, of course!”

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