Friday, November 22, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Papaoutai" by Stromae
I guess this has been circulating on Tumblr for a while, but I just now recently saw it on my dash. Anyway, I think this is a great example of understanding a foreign song through visuals that are both entertaining and emotion filled. The story is something people can relate to whether they've been through the same situation of abandonment or not. Aside from the visuals, I really love the choreography a lot and the song is both catchy and kinda odd, especially at the beginning.

"熱愛発覚中" by Shiina Ringo
When I saw that Shiina Ringo and Yasutaka Nakata of capsule were teaming up, I was immediately excited. This video and song combination was a win-win for the two Japanese musical innovators. With kick-ass visuals that properly represent Shiina's power and humor, it doesn't lose itself in the dance driven music and heavenly, light vocals. This is definitely one of those videos you can watch repeatedly and still find extremely entertaining, fun, and fierce.

What is this? A Big Bang related music video in the recommendations? Haven't seen one of these in my list, right? I have my reasons. I might explain in a possible future post about their solo projects, but for now let's focus on this visual cluster of images. To me, I don't find it all that odd as most do. It kinda strokes my inner cinemaphile in a very good way, obviously. Strangely, I think the hypnotizing music, playful but odd lyrics, and collage of imagery work very well together. It doesn't seem too out of place for T.O.P's character either. It combines his mature, sophisticated self, his stoic, confident demeanor, and his humorous, random self effortlessly. One more thing I want to add that I find amusing in the lyrics. Most of have heard the phrase "he/she could sing the phone book/alphabet/something mundane and it would sound amazing". Well, one line in this song is just the alphabet and sounds just as hypnotizing as the rest of the song. Thanks for proving that theory right, T.O.P!

"Party Rock" by Boys Republic
I think it's been a hit and miss for rookie groups this year for me, but I've been giving them a chance when something is released. I'm glad I gave these boys a chance, whether I continue to follow or not. This song is very upbeat and fun, good to bounce and dance around to. It's cute and charming and has an amusing visual story. The set pieces do remind me of a couple other kpop videos, but I kinda like this one the best.

"感電18号" by D=OUT
It's a shame how PS Company ignores this band's true talent. They have so much charisma and uniqueness compared to a lot of visual kei bands out there, especially the newer ones. This song brings me a lot of joy and reminds me of their pre-PSC days. It's very upbeat, catchy, and fun. The guys look confident and carefree as they perform with their instruments, sing, and act. I hope they continue to have more PVs that bring back their joyful roots and freshen up their bogged down image since the label move.

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