Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

Sometimes I worry about this band's activeness and musical direction, but this PV has assured me that everything will be alright. The visuals kinda remind me of something from the early 2000s for some reason, but I obviously find it appealing for some reason. It's simple, but effective in its storytelling. I hope no one slings around "black face" careless over this. Aside from liking this simplistic PV, I think the song is pretty cool. The lyrical structure is consistent with their previous material and the sound is fresh for the band. I'm really looking forward to the new release by them.

I came across this group through the debut of a new kpop group Nature of Man (or N.O.M). I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and say they borrowed this group's concept, but didn't do it as well. This MV is oozing with sex appeal and I must say the choreography is on point. I honestly cannot get over how amazing these men are in stilettos. I wish I could move like that. The song is kinda dark, gritty, and sexy as well and matches the concept of the song while being somewhat catchy. I'm looking forward to exploring more of their discography in the near future.

"Miss You" by Tiny-G
I must admit I wasn't too fond of their debut song and "MINIMANIMO" was too childish for me. This balances both images from the previous songs in a better way. It's cute, not too mature, and flatters each girl by giving them their own style while still looking together. The song is simple and somehow gets stuck in your head quick easy. I know the video doesn't have anything extremely interesting in it, but there's something about it that seems kinda refreshing to me. I hope the girls continue on this route of concepts, not overly sexy or cutesy.

"Gun" by Nine Muses
It's crazy how much I've grown to love this group's music, but I think this is exactly what I want for a female group that breaks my number count. Anyway, I liked the western, horn dance pop sound that Brown Eyed Girls have previously approved. The video is very simple and has tons of eye candy, whether you're looking at the girls or their romantic interest. They always look stylish and chic, but their talent matches their appearance in quality. I don't want them to burn out, but I look forward to the next release by them.

"There's No Tomorrow (Now)" by Trouble Maker
I almost completely nixed this video from my recommendations because 1) EatYourKimchi had to bring up the sad truth that it's a rip off of Rihanna's "We Found Love" video [stop ripping off Rihanna's videos, Korea!!] and 2) I just watched the uncut version of it which in certain scenes is kinda cringeworthy. Fortunately, it doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the song completely. Well, y'know I gotta review the new release since I did the first one. Despite the mental conflict, I still managed to enjoy this more than their debut, both song and video. I think the chemistry is mostly believable [emphasis on mostly, all the cringeworthy chemistry parts are in the uncut]. I thought some of the imagery was bold for Korea, although it doesn't seem like they understand the concept of a silencer. On a shallow note, I think Hyun Seung looks like a good looking psycho. *shrugs* Anyway, it's worth checking out and I hope to have that review up soon.

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