Monday, February 9, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Animals" by Maroon 5
I first heard this song on the radio and I was immediately hooked. I guess I like how overtly sexual this song is and the beat is nice; it almost sounds like there might be a little bit of the band left. I'm sure by the time I listen to the band's latest album, V, I'll find it just as boring as the last album. Nonetheless, I enjoy this song immensely and the video has that slightly uncomfortable, creepy sexy vibe to it. The visuals definitely give the lyrics a different tone than when you just listen to it. Probably isn't safe for work due to the sexual and graphic nature of the visual content.

"Big Bad Wolf" by In This Moment
I'm still fairly new to this band and I'm not sure if I recommended a video of theirs when I first got into them or not, but here's one. From their latest album Black Widow, I feel like this seems more cohesive. I enjoy the balance of sexy and chaotic from the visuals, camera angles, and styling. Maria looks fierce and the rest of the band blend in perfectly with this aggressive, grimy song. I look forward to listening to Black Widow and maybe I'll brave it out this year and see them live too.

"Lip Reading" by Jolin Tsai
Honestly, I think kpop should take notes on sex and sensuality, because this video is everything I would want from female kpop girl groups that's more mature in age. Think Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra". Not only are the visuals dangerous and sensual, but the music and lyric delivery carry that same tone. You feel easily wrapped around Jolin Tsai's voice along with the male lead in the video; a sense of trust, yet you're on edge with what might happen. I'm looking forward to listening to her new material.

"My Avatar" by BOYFRIEND
Not a BOYFRIEND fan, but I like this song and the video is very simple. I'm surprised how natural sounding their Japanese is. That's pretty impressive to me! The video is mainly focused on the choreography, which is pretty good as well. They display some impressive moves and definitely fit in with the jpop boys like GENERATIONS, which this video really reminds me of.

It's hard to express how happy I am to hear TenTen or Taira or whatever the heck he's calling himself's voice again. I know this band was temporary, but I'm happy this is the real deal after the disbandment of Chemical Pictures. The PV is mostly band centric, but it does have some cool sepia toned effects and smoke to make the set more atmospheric. There's also some beautiful scenery and imposed artistic shots of flowers and TenTen acting a little. Also, this song kinda reminds of me KuRt in a very good way. Not just the vocals, but the overall sound. I'm looking forward to listening to their first wide release.

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