Sunday, February 1, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

We meet again, 2PM~ *sighs* I still don't really like this group that much, but these fun little concepts, I can't resist. As much as they don't do each year, it's refreshing to hear and see something I actually like from them. Similar to "Hands Up", I have no problem shamelessly blasting this. Heck, I've watched this bizarre, ridiculous video more than twice. I wish more groups would be less serious in their videos every once and a while.

"D Island" by Z.Hera
Z.Hera is sadly underrated and I wish she received as much recognition as Lee Hi as I think she's more interesting, but that's not the purpose of this post. I was happy to learn that she had something new last year and absolutely gorgeous visually and audibly. I was pleasantly surprised to see some racial diversity and the story can be interpreted a few different ways as well. Maybe there's a romantic relationship or perhaps something platonic. Nonetheless, give this girl a listen. She's absolutely beautiful inside and out and I hope to hear more from her in 2015.

"Sugar Free" by T-ara
I know this group still has haters, but hey, I just follow the music when it comes to them and most kpop groups. Upon first viewing, I was not expecting the onslaught of visuals on my eyes. Definitely a seizure warning would've been nice. Anyway, I was happy to see something new from them. It's a very simple song with a borderline EDM sound and yes, I'm aware that there is an EDM version of this song which I actually don't like. The choreography is very basic, but the girls look stunning and I'm just impressed that there's 600+ transitions in this nearly four minute video. Hopefully, there won't be another attempt of adding anymore new members and just produce more music.

"Mask" by Stellar
As much as sexy concepts were getting on people's nerves and a little bit of mine, I thought this was a classy sexy. I wasn't feeling Stellar's debut at all or "Marionette", but I loved this song quite a lot. It's beautiful and showcases their voices very well. I didn't even know that this talent existed! The beat has a nice funk pop sound to it that's sensual and mature. The choreography reflects that as well, even though I didn't like the butt focus. They could've picked something else. Anyway, give this a listen and a look, because I think these girls look lovely and their voices sound just as lovely.

"Too Fancy" by Lip Service
I was pleasantly surprised to see a follow up to "Yum Yum Yum" and there's a new member too. I kinda wonder if this was a coincidence that this came out around the time Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" was popular or a clever plot. Either way, I am looking forward to more music and videos from these fine young ladies. It's like a rap parody of real life struggles, perhaps first world problems. I don't know, I think their content speaks to women's daily struggles.

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