Sunday, May 10, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Nadeshiko Sakura" by Wagakki Band
I heard about this band through a friend on Facebook and I'm surprised I hadn't found them sooner, since I enjoy bands that infuse traditional Japanese instruments into their sound. The PV has plenty of lovely visuals in costumes, set pieces, and camera technique. My favorite shot is the left and right panning with the members playing in their own individual lit screen. The music is very energetic and the sound is absolutely beautiful and powerful.

Keeping their punk, ska, and electronic rock sound, I was excited to hear another new song by these guys. I believe I wanted to post this before I posted "Fallen Idols", but for some reason, they blocked it in America. I don't know. It's just a fun little video with the guys performing in a club and the vocalist going a psychedelic trip after drinking. It's random, silly, and fun. Everything I imagine them to continue to be.

Trying something a little different by mixing rock and electronic elements, I was pleased to hear their sound evolving more and more. The video is very simple and mostly focuses on the band members either playing their instruments or being robotic. Not sure if robots/androids was the concept for this PV, but the girls look beautiful. I really like the direction they're going with their music. The song's beautiful and upbeat and Oni's voice continues to be gorgeous and passionate.

"Look Around" by BASTERD
Everyone wants to be so hip-hop and a lot of the time it's just too much. Too much cliche and stereotypes and appropriation, but this video isn't like that. Sure, it sounds like something you could hear in America, but this duo add their own flavor in the rap delivery and a bit in the beat. As for the visuals, they're super simple. Snippets of the city, some beautiful women, a clip of a live performance, and just the guys hanging out and cruising the streets. It's perfectly hip-hop without being obnoxiously hip-hop. I'm looking forward to listening to more music from the guys. For now, enjoy this fresh, possibly new talent.

"Beat" by 100%
VIXX aren't the only ones that can pull off sleek, dark concepts. I'm sure plenty of people compared it to VIXX, but that's not a bad thing. I admitted that I sometimes forget about this group, but it doesn't ruin my enjoyment for their music. This song has an intriguing composition that keeps the pace going and softening it at the right time. The choreography is very dramatic and fits the tone and concept of the song overall. I also really enjoy the visuals. It has just the right balance of simple and complex and the boys look really good, even if I think some of the armor pieces look uncomfortable.

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