Friday, May 29, 2015

Quick Movie Review

God Help the Girl (2014, UK) | Rating: 3/5

During my fascination with Emily Browning, I wanted to watch more movies with her, since I'm clearly lacking her in my life. I requested my workplace to order this movie and I was looking forward to it, especially since I saw the preview for it in another movie I had checked out. The story had lots of potential and the characters were indeed fun and entertaining, but I think there needed to be a little more development or background with Browning's character. It attempted to tackle some serious issues, but it kinda skimmed over them in places. The musical numbers were enjoyable and overall I found the film quite entertaining.

47 Ronin (2013, USA) | Rating: 2/5

Honestly, I really didn't want to see this movie, even though some people around me seemed super excited. In my perspective, it's just another white guy saving the day for Asians or whatever. It also didn't get very positive reviews in Japan. Apparently when reading comments on IMDb, I learned that there have been a few adaptations of this story. I guess this one was the worse; I'm honestly not sure. So, why did I watch this movie if I had no interest in it? A co-worker recommended it to me and I reluctantly gave in and gave it a chance. It wasn't terrible, but it definitely dragged and at times the story lost my interest. I think the weakest part of the movie was Keanu Reeves. His character was very lackluster and emotionless; I simply didn't care about his character at all. Meanwhile, the other characters had more depth and excitement going for them, I ended up wanted more development and focus on them. Also, Jin Akanishi wasn't that bad of an actor, even though his lines were quite minimal. This movie has potential, but Reeves and the duration kinda ruined it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015, USA) | Rating: 4.5/5

A very much anticipated movie of the year (and summer) and, of course, this was on my list. I really enjoyed The Avengers, so I was curious how they would tie things together once again between the three movies. With no surprise at all, the sequel delivers another thrill ride with its action and satisfying character development and storytelling. A little unpopular opinion, but it feels like their villains in The Avengers movies are given more time and development compared to the individual efforts. They posed a threat and the threat is definitely developed while the individual efforts (and Guardians of the Galaxy) seem to fall flat in areas during its climax. It was also interesting seeing another interpretation of Quicksilver and I thought him and his twin were interesting (despite their backstory being a bit cliche). I am also happy that they were very consistent with pacing. The movie may be long, but it certainly doesn't feel that way when you're watching it. I'm looking forward to next part of this epic adventure Marvel has cooked up for its cinematic universe.

Ex Machina (2015, USA) | Rating: 4/5

Ever since I saw the previews to this movie, I was very much intrigued. It seemed unique and suspenseful, but not completely horror. I was afraid I would never see it in theaters, because it started as a limited release, but was very thankful when it went nationwide after a certain period of time. The movie definitely isn't for everyone. It's kinda artsy/avant garde, but not too out there like Under the Skin. You can understand and following it for the most, but there might be moments where you're just tilting your head at the screen in confusion or contemplation. It is quite the thriller with some sci-fi elements to it. The characters are interesting and fleshed out enough to keep you intrigued, yet still remain a bit mysterious. If you have the opportunity to check out this suspenseful, sci-fi thriller, then please give it a chance.

Tomorrowland (2015, USA) | Rating: 3/5

At first, I wasn't too interested in this movie; mostly because I had no idea what it was about just that it was a Disney movie and inspired by the attraction. Once I saw a couple previews for it, I became a little more interested. I joined my mom for this movie, since she really wanted to see it. I thought the movie was entertaining and fun. I liked the characters in the story as well, but at times, I just wanted a little more. I little more detail to these main characters, a little more of a threat on the world, and a little more exploration on how wondrous Tomorrowland is. The action was fun and there were some good comical moments. Some people might think that the end was "preachy", but I found it more inspiring and genuine to follow your dreams. I enjoyed the diversity as well at the end. Definitely a Disney ending.

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