Sunday, August 2, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Automatic" by Red Velvet
I feel bad for this group. They've received a lot of backlash due to the situation with f(x) and they really don't deserve that. Similar to "Be Natural", this is a very mature concept that I'm surprised that SM Entertainment pulled out. Let's start with the obvious not in a box approach. Just the amount of effort put into the editing and angle choices is very sophisticated and fits this sensual, mature tone of the song. Even though it's minimal, I enjoy the choreography and their voices are very lovely. I'm looking forward to listening to their mini-album.

"Love or Die" by Choix2
I'm very happy I gave this newcomer a chance and his mini-album is wonderful. I'm looking forward to reviewing it for you guys. As for the video, it's kinda cliche, switching from shots of him singing alone, with a group, dancing in a group, and a little bit of story. Nonetheless, I like this fusion of rock and R&B. It has a great arrangement and combines idol elements with a Seo Taiji style in the visuals. I'm really hoping this isn't a one off because I would love to see more videos from this artist...and perhaps less sparkling grill. In short, it's a very powerful piece that doesn't need too much flashy visuals to get its point across.

"S Mastering" by Anda
Formerly known as Andamiro, I was happy she came back with some new music. She's one artist I will be talking about more in the future, because I feel like she deserves more exposure. But let's focus on her comeback video, which is a little different than her Andamiro material, but doesn't stray too far away from that style. It's still quirky and cute, but has a little more maturity to it. Of course, not too much that it seems out of place. Her vocals might bother some people with its whispery tone, but it fits this laid back tone that'll make you bob your head. I hope she continues on this fun, grown-up direction.

Arena settings have been used before in jrock (and I'm sure in other genres), but each one takes the bands' unique styles to make it something different and this is one of them. This high energy song makes you feel like you're part of the neon light party with the band and fans. It's a simple concept, but it combines almost surreal visuals with real showmanship. There's plenty of good shots of each member, the band as whole, and the synchronization from the fans and members that you would find at a live show.

Remember Seremedy? Better yet, remember YOHIO? Well, he was a thing in Japan for a while and then...I hadn't heard anything for a while until this band arrived. The sound is mixture of his solo work and his previous band with a darker, harder edge. It's not all aggressive guitars and growls, there are some nice light breaks in the verses where YOHIO's voice gets to shine through. Some might miss the lighter, androgynous, or evenly princely appearance, but I think this slightly insane, dark version of him as well as the band suits him just as much. The visuals are simple with some individual shots of each member, YOHIO going nuts, a few goth images, and the band rocking out together.

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