Monday, August 24, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

It seems like every video this band releases gets me excited and this is no exception. The song starts with extremely high energy and some aggression that I see every now and then from them. The video is pretty simple, but it has high performative elements, especially when it comes to their bassist. There's a little bit of story interlaced between the band moments with a little angel and assuming little devil. The members seem dead in a car and a man is trying to figure out things...I'm guessing. Nonetheless, I know death and torment is looming around these characters.

"サヨナラ狂詩曲" by sibilebashir
This is a band I randomly came across somehow and it reminds me of a forgotten and accused Gazette copycats [_vani;lla]. Their vocalist has a bizarre appearance and doesn't mind taking some sexy, yet violent risks with an unsuspecting man. The story is amusing and strange, but you can't help but keep watching this oddity of a story. The music, I'll admit, isn't for everyone as the vocal style is a little off putting or strange at times, but the music matches the strange happenings of the visuals.

"Kyousou Royale" by GOTCHAROCKA
Mixing elegant, polished visuals that you would see in new Vidoll, Versailles, and D PVs and adding their own fun little flair to the style is a refreshing change for the band. The music is everything fun in the sound and I enjoyed watching each member bounce around as they perform for us. I like the simple concept of puppetry and even this Hizaki look-alike playing around with sweet, handsome Jui.

"Awaken" by TimeZ
I saw this video on TeeTop's KPop list. I thought I'd look up the whole video and I ended up enjoying it. The story isn't anything new, especially if you're into the kpop genre. The boys are spies and are trying to capture this beautiful female criminal using disguises, technology, and various other clever strategies to get close to her. The song is a nice, easy listen with a very catchy chorus. Their voices are easy on the ears and I'm kinda tempted to check out their other songs and maybe even their Korean material.

"Cold Sweat" by Tinashe
Remember Rihanna's "Disturbia" video? This video is a more simplified version of that. This video is very stripped down and effectively edited to portray lack of control or even insanity. Tinashe performs her song with passion and torture as she utilizes body language to match the tone and content of her lyrics. This is one of my favorite tracks on her latest album, Aquarius, and it's nice seeing such an effectively beautiful and dark video to match such a great, haunting track. This video simply proves that you don't need a lot of flair and props to project emotional struggle.

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