Sunday, January 17, 2016

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"ProMeTheUs" by Yankie feat. Dok2, Juvie Train, Double K, Rap Monster, Topbob, & Don Mills
Yankie had a pretty good year last year, musically. I enjoyed majority of the music videos he put out and this is one of them. I enjoyed the collaborations among all these unique rappers, most of them I'm fans of. The video and sound really reminds me of 90s hip-hop, more specifically WuTang Clan for some reason. It also reminds me of a Linkin Park song from their album Reanimation. The visual content is definitely trippy and most likely won't make a bit of sense, but it's hard to look away, especially when the flow is so addicting and the beat is entrancing.

Look! A nugu group from 2014! Yeah, I ran into this video in the suggestions of YouTube and I'm happy I gave them a chance. Sure, the video is low budget, but it doesn't deflect the potential and enjoyment of this group. The video mostly focuses on the theatrical choreography, reminiscent of a more successful group VIXX. It's well synced and effective to the mood of the song, I just wish the camera work was more in their favor of showing that off. What's really interesting about this song is the vocal layering and delivery. Sure, the vocals aren't mindblowing, but their raw talent reminds of H.O.T's more serious songs. There's passion there and I hope we see more from these group in the future.

"Forever" by Tiger JK feat. Yoonmirae
Whenever Korea's hip-hop royalty collaborate together, you already know it's going to be fiery masterpiece and this is no exception. Songs like this prove how much range both artists have, especially Tiger JK. He could do hard hitting songs and songs that just hit your heart hard and this is definitely one of those songs. The melody and chorus give a sense of pain and desperation that really makes you think while swaying along to the beat. The video also delivers that gut wrenching feeling effectively as well and I'm glad they went this direction. Definitely give this a couple or so listens and viewings, especially with subtitles.

"Afterglow" by FAKY
This is a jpop girl group I feel needs more recognition and maybe one day I'll dedicate a promo post for them, but for now, let's talk about this comeback song. After a minor line-up change and a cover collaboration with FEMM, they released this PV and it's different than what I would expect from them. It's a challenge to do first person point of view videos, but I think this video was very effective in showing that obsessive fan that puts a group over her relationship. Perhaps this could be a public service announcement for extreme idol lovers. The song is a slightly upbeat R&B song and vocals are just heavenly. Listening to this song and seeing these young ladies together again makes me excited for new upcoming material.

"DANCE WITH ME NOW!" by E-girls
I'm now convinced that every E-girls song that includes the word "dance" is instantly amazing. Ever since my introduction to this group through "RYDEEN ~Dance All Night~", I've been hyped up to see these three girl groups come together and set fire to the dance floor. I seriously think kpop girl groups should take notes on their tight and energetic choreography, because I've never see this sort of naturally passionate movements before and range either. The song is just as upbeat and fun as watching the choreography.

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