Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fair Shake Review: The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match (2016, USA)
Recommendation: Rent or Date Night

To be 100% honest, the main reason I know about this movie was through Timothy DeLaGhetto. I knew about his cameo and then got informed about the rest of the cast and thought it might be an enjoyable watch. I figured that Terrance J would do a decent job, since his role in the "Think Like a Man" movies were well done. It's been awhile since I saw Lauren London and Cassie in a film and adding Paula Patton to the eye candy sealed the deal. The story itself seemed tried and true from previews, therefore I didn't see it being terrible.

The (usual) plot line follows a young, successful bachelor, Charlie, who doesn't believe in love, but always gets any girl he pleases. As his friends and sister try to change his stance, Charlie accepts his friends' challenge to try and date one girl until his friends' upcoming wedding day. He proceeds to date the "dime" he ran into at work, Eva, who confesses that she's never been in a short-term relationship. Hence, the story lends itself to see how their relationship will develop despite its purpose to be strictly "having fun". Along the way, hilarity ensues with Charlie's coworkers and his friends' own love lives.

My experience was close to my expectations with a movie like this. Enjoyable with a few predictable moments and a couple choices to throw you off. The humor in this movie was well delivered by the entire cast, yet the ones of note would have to be Donald Faison (who I didn't know was involved) and Beau Casper Smart. The sex related jokes, to me, would be the only reason behind the movies "R" rating, since the actual sex scenes are tame compared to today's standards. So, this film shouldn't be too awkward to watch with friends on a group date. Otherwise, I'd again suggest a rental or video on demand option with your significant other. In conclusion, this movie wasn't bad at all, but not great. It's simply another choice in your gamut of black romantic comedies. Who knows though, your taste could very well called this "The Perfect Match" for your needs.

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