Sunday, May 8, 2016

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Mr.Heartache" by SEKAI NO OWARI
With every PV release, I keep hoping this group gets more recognition because they really make some unique stuff! This PV shows even further how diverse this group can be. Some may know them for their more gloomy visuals or sound, but they also have this bizarre, upbeat side to them as well. This PV perfectly describes the group's sense of humor and natural chemistry, while they dance around in fruit, vegetable, and animal costumes or watch cartoons. Sure, the song is about dealing with a broken heart, but the lighthearted and real approach to it instantly puts a smile on your face, mending all wounds. It's really hard not to enjoy this PV completely.

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"Nokoriga" by MORE
I never was much of a Sugar fan, but I did enjoy them live and their music is not that bad. Nonetheless, it was exciting to see another active (at the time) ex-Sugar member and, for me, Tomoyuki from 12012. The music does remind me of Sugar and Moran, which is a good thing in my opinion. It's a very jazz lounge rock sound that suits Loki's voice very well. The visuals aren't overly produced and mostly feature Loki interacting with a woman or flower petals. The shots of the whole band are just as interesting as you can really see them get into the music and move along as they play their respective instruments. It's gonna be difficult finding new music with such a band name as "MORE", but I am looking forward to more.

Have I mentioned that BTS is truly killing the kpop scene lately? Well, they are! When this music video came out, I was super excited to see such a fun concept and even more fun of a song. The song gives each member a chance to show off their talents and gives us a glimpse of their personalities in each of their respective scenes. The costume concept with the pseudo-one take feeling with the camera really makes the video move along smoothly and makes it all the more interesting compared to the usual formulaic approach with some vague story and choreography laced in between. I do have to admit that the vibe I get from this video is very Block B and I mean that as a seriously good compliment. It's just nice to see the members let loose, show their passion through their delivery, and don't forget that ridiculously tight choreography.

"Oasis" by Crush feat. ZICO
If this was not your summer jam of last year or even one of your current jams, then you need to hop on board! This video utilizes location better than most Korean acts and makes you want to be there with Crush enjoying the beauty and space. He looks like he's feeling himself and admiring this beautiful lady from a far. I believe the chemistry without them being in the same shot. I even enjoy the indoor shot with the vibrant colors and beach set pieces. The song is easily enjoyable and has a very catchy chorus and bridge that makes you want to bop and sing along to. Even though ZICO has a "Keith Ape" moment, but somehow he pulls it off better than Keith Ape, he doesn't ruin the essence of this party track. Also, the brief appearance of Zion.T is very much welcomed. Looking forward to jamming to this in summer 2016!

As much as I love this group, their music has been a bit hit and miss for me lately, which is a little depressing as a casual fan. When this video came out, I was ecstatic! It felt like another growth spurt for the group and showed an elevated dark side to them. They've had dark concepts before, but this suited their style more than certain tracks previously. I enjoyed the polished, subtle dark, and abstract imagery. There's so much to look at and makes me want to look at more to see all that effort they put into these set pieces. The song has a very catchy chorus and has a lot of dimension in the melody and vocal arrangement. Sure, it's not the best song the group has put out in all their years, but it's a breath of fresh air for me compared to some of their more recent stuff around that time.

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