Friday, July 1, 2016

Fair Shake Review: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia (2016)
Genre: Shonen

I got interested in this one strictly from the advertisements I received from Funimation. I was intrigued by the art style as it reminded me much of western comic books. With the popularity of comic book movies, it makes sense that there would be some anime influenced by it to ride the wave. This seemed rather promising as its premise had heart, and I was not disappointed.

Boku no Hero Academia provides a world full of quirks (or superpowers) and the journey of a boy who wants nothing but to be a hero. This boy, Izuku Midoriya, grows up idolizing everything about the hero lifestyle and is heartbroken when he discovers he is quirkless. Everyone around him either pity him or pick on him, including his childhood "friend", Katsuki Bakugou who has one of the most impressive quirks. Despite even Katsuki calling Izuku "Deku" (or "worthless"), Midoriya has the mindset of a hero which led him to actions that eventually get him the attention of his greatest idol, All Might. This opens up the opportunity no one would expect, a chance to become the hero he always wanted to be as the new "Symbol of Peace".

I really enjoyed the world they built with this series, as the quirk filled environment bred a new way of life with heroism being treated as a job that pays through popularity and success of fending off those who misuse their quirks. These powers affected the world so much that most schools even prepare their students to become heroes as a profession like the trades of our day. Also the way they set up the prestigious UA High the students we follow attend shows how much they are willing to invest in those interested in becoming productive members of their society.

What I liked the most, though, would be the characters from their various quirks (some of which are extremely quirky) to their own personalities. Izuku's determination to get a handle on his powers and live up to the expectations of All Might is endearing. That relationship alone had me coming back to watch it foster. Yet, the side characters' own struggles, like Bakugou's pride and others pushing to be the top of the class, is fun to witness each week it premiered. It's a fun show and that's why I'm trying to be vague for you to experience it firsthand without spoilers.

If you enjoy the superhero movies or your typical fun shonen show, I advise you give this a shot. I'm writing this as the subtitled broadcast has ended, but I'm also enjoying the broadcast dub as it is finishing up. The acting on both versions is well done and I can recommend that either one will be an acceptable watch. This is your classic demonstration of how you can do anything you put your mind to, which should be to see this show!

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