Sunday, September 11, 2016

4 Hip Hop Reviews (Mighty Jai, MC Kenna, Pryde, Wax)

Dreams $old Separately - Mighty Jai
(Genre: Rap/Hip Hop)

This dude has been on my radar since last year after seeing his performance at HipHopalooza 3 in Tampa. This St. Petersburg emcee captivated me with his down to earth style with exuberant confidence. I then scoured the net to find his projects and came across a SoundCloud with a few singles attached. Therefore, I waited patiently for a full length LP or mixtape while putting his underground hit, "I'm Tellin' Ya", on repeat.

Finally, this came out and made me jump with joy! This album allowed me to finally pinpoint what his style reminds me of: 8 Ball & MJG, Scarface, Big KRIT, and my hometown's Stik Figa. His ability to relate his story and mix it with braggadocio-laden tracks gave this perfect balance. I highly recommend this to lovers of southern hip hop greats, for he can definitely be one in the future. Favorite songs include "Peachy Keen", "King Solomon", "Live it Up", & "One Time".

Stylistica - MC Kenna
(Genre: Rap/Hip Hop)

Since his last projects HYDU and HWY '98 earlier this year, to hear that he had more to release this year was a surprise. With this EP, MC Kenna continues to bring his signature rhyme style inspired by 90's rap while expanding the production he displays it on. This was a nice addition to his ever-growing discography as he continues to grow his name in the area and make moves towards the industry. If you've been enjoying watching the journey of this emcee, I recommend giving this a listen. I personally enjoy the tracks, "27", "VooDoo", & "Wood Tip".

Are U There? - Pryde
(Genre: Rap/Hip Hop/R&B)

Not too long after the release of Pryde's last album, i don't belong here, he showed signs that grief and depression were overwhelming him. After finally taking the time away to grieve his mother's death, the announcement of a new EP aside from the formerly scheduled album, Russell, had many curious what its outcome would bring.

Are U There? marked the signature sound he maintained since the name change with a single, "Piece of Me", that almost resembles his older style of production. He mixes rap and r&b as he has in the past, but has a more focus on the r&b side on the latter half of the EP. Though, he still manages to give his bangers as usual with the second single, "Pour", and "Jheez it's Lit". Some of my favorites include the latter, "Grand National" and the very personal, "Beautiful Life".

The Cookout Chronicles - Wax
(Genre: Rap/Hip Hop)

Wax is someone I've always loved as an emcee being that he's always been a lyrical genius. Plus last year's album, Livin Foul, made me giddy since I knew he was back to making music more frequently. His fun and witty approach to songwriting always pleased me especially since he would use his talent to speak on relatable topics as the every-man.

This album is no exception to that M.O. as the whole project is the perfect BBQ soundtrack cohesively transitioning to funky hip hop, boom bap, and bossa nova & blues influenced rap. Wax brings his trademark punchlines in songs like "Chunky", "Bike Rap", & "Bulletproof". Then he questions love in "First Love", "Love Will Make You Do Dumb Sh*t", & "Never Thought I'd Be in Love Again". Then you're able to kick back and relax to the grooves of "So High" & "Inner Tube". People who enjoy heavy wordplay with a little bit of funk should enjoy this greatly. I have and definitely repeated these tracks: "Bike Rap", "A.O.", "Lackadaisical", & "Wet Brain". I really can't find any tracks skippable!

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