Monday, January 23, 2017

Bonaventura Introduction

Hello all! I’m pleased to join this group of reviewers! You can call me Bonaventura, Good Adventure in Italian, and that’s exactly what I see this as. I love to read and I like to share my thoughts about what I read in the form of reviews on goodreads. I’m excited to extend my reviews to this medium as well!

I love horror and suspense movies but I don’t like gore or “torture porn.” Atmosphere is important to me and I much prefer to be creeped out than grossed out.

I also like terrible horror movies. You know, the ones that have half a star on Netflix. Thanks to streaming sites, the market is flooded with tons of cheap, dumb, and unintentionally hilarious horror movies. I look forward to sharing some of these special gems with you in the coming months.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments section.

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