Thursday, January 26, 2017

Two January Album Reviews

The Good Word - New Midwest Entertainment
(Genre: Hip Hop/Christian Rap/R&B)

New Midwest ENT has held a group of artists that I've always been a fan of. Over the past year though, they have gone through some changes in roster and general content. Therefore, I was interested to see what these events would yield. The occasional singles were signals of the new direction they were heading. This focus was more clearly Christian and the announcement of a new compilation intrigued me.

This new project delivers the usual standard of great lyricism now with God more in mind in the writing. The production still matches much of what contemporary music has to offer, along with a splash of G-Funk here and there. Each track presents one or more of the faces from the label and their synergy is honestly fluid in spite of the new additions. This presents the crew very well by allowing them to flex their individual styles and how they all can work together as well.

I, personally, have to say that my favorite tracks would be "B Loved", "Loss for Words", "Pray 4 My City", "Old School Love", "Blast Off", "Sacrifice" & "Tomorrow". In my opinion, some of the songs with the throwback G-Funk sound could come off dated at times though. In conclusion, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the Christian rap genre or hip hop in general. They may not vibe with every song, but there's definitely a good handful they'd be able to take away from it.

The Good Links:
Free Download (Datpiff link of the project)
Money Can't Buy You Everything (One of the singles w/ PeeBee)

Slow Love and Bangin' - Brian Puspos
(Genre: R&B)

Brian Puspos is someone I have been following for quite some time, but as a dancer. On occasion he would upload covers on his YouTube channel, but eventually he announced that he was going to release his own R&B project. This piqued my interest as I always believed he had a decent voice and I wondered what his own writing style would be like. Then the title dropped, Slow Love and Bangin', and it explained it all.

"Murder She Wrote" preceded the EP's release and I was instantly ready to see what else was in store. The Houston raised crooner brought a production style that is clearly influenced by the area. The writing spans a few different aspects of love and relationships from heartbreak to making up in just the six tracks offered. Brian's voice gets the job done as it's not entirely impressive, but easy on the ear akin to Justin Bieber & Chris Brown. This creates a project that's great to throw on to vibe to for a good 20 minutes.

My absolute favorite track is "Be Ready" with it's very smooth groove, yet dynamic progression. Each song is worth a listen if you enjoy contemporary R&B like Chris Brown and Trey Songz. It's banging production with an intent for seduction. Brian Puspos certainly shows that he can create the dope music to step to.

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