Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project: Cosplay Documentary Details

I mentioned this little porject in a previous post and now I have time to post the details for those who want to participate. Anyone can enter no matter what city or country you're from. If you can't speak English very well, but you can write it, send me a text file of what you said in the video to be added as subtitles. You can also add any other relevant information as well.

First, introduce yourself with your name and/or your convention/cosplay alias. Tell us your location (whether it be city and/or state or whatever applies), what you classify yourself (i.e. con goer, cosplayer, crossplayer, lolita, or whatever), and how long you've been going to cons and/or cosplaying.

Example: "My name is Michael a.k.a. Michi and I am a cosplayer. I'm from Richmond, Virginia and I've been cosplaying for 3 years."

Then you answer either some or all of the questions below that apply to you:

- What got you interested in conventions/cosplaying?
- How many cons have you attended?
- What was you first con like?
- What's your most and least favorite con? Why?
- What con are looking forward to going to in the near future?
- Do you think cons/cosplay is addicting?
- What's your favorite and least favorite thing about cons/cosplay?
- If you could change something about congoers/cosplayers, what would it be?
- What's your most memorable moment at a con?
- What was your first and latest cosplay?
- If you've never cosplayed before, are you interested in it and what would you be?
- If you could go to any con (or country) to attend a con event or simply cosplay, where would it be?
- What's your favorite and least favorite costume you've done? Why?
- Should there be an age limit for cosplay?
- What's your biggest accomplishment at a con/cosplay?
- Do you have any cosplay goals?
- What's your dream costume you want to pursue?
- What's your easiest and hardest costume? And what makes it easy/hard?
- What advice do you have for con goers, future con goers, cosplayers, and future cosplayers?
- What do people outside the fandom don't know about cons and/or cosplay?
- What kind of characters do you cosplay?
- What does your family think of cons/cosplay?
- What do you look forward to the most and least about cons?
- Do you have any cosplay plans for the near future?

If you are a cosplayer, please show us your costumes in detail. You can tell us the process as well if you want. While answering these questions, try to sound as natural as possible.

To contribute to the documentary, simply follow the rough outline above in any order that feels most comfortable on video. After you record, you can either attach the file to an email or upload it on a server and send it to: zetsu_nightmare2.0.9[at]hotmail[dot]com. Make the subject as "Cosplay Documentary Submission".

Here are some video uploading servers you can use to submit your video:
+ MegaUpload
+ MediaFire
+ SendSpace
+ PhotoBucket

Once I get enough submissions, I will burn it onto a DVD and possibly create a teaser on my YouTube account. And don't worry, I'll be putting myself on it as well. Thanks in advance for your hard work!

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