Saturday, June 11, 2011

Leessang's "I'm Not Laughing" vs. Red Roc's "Hello" vs. NassuN's "괜찮아"

If you don't read the translations, each music video is deceivingly similar by the visuals: three angry men in pursuit of love and revenge brought on by jealousy and betrayal. Upon reading the lyrics, the story is quite different and has changed my original plans with this comparison.

This "battle" began when I saw Red Roc's video featuring Big Bang's T.O.P with Leessang's song, "I'm Not Laughing". I thought it was the official video, until I read the description underneath. So, I looked up the video and gained a new found respect for the duo thus searching for their music in the long run. The song is very laid back and reminscent of American rap from the 90's [the good stuff ^~]. Upon reading the lyrics, it's a not a song of revenge at all. It's a plea. A song of appreciating someone that you've lost.

According to the lyrics, the male character in this story made a few slip ups in his relationship and when they separate, he realizes how important she is in his life. He's lacking something important and wants to patch things up. Even though he's laughing and moving forward like it's nothing, there's so much pain and sorrow hidden beneath. Surprisingly, we hear her side of the story to some extent. She's sad and upset about the situation, but doesn't want to continue. In the music video, he has the option to let his anger take over or to forgive and forget.

Red Roc's "Hello" has a different sound than the previous song. The videos are deceivingly similar, if you have no knowledge of the Korean language. The music has a reggae melody and an ol' skool flow. The lyrics tell the story of a guy who probably broke up with his girlfriend and now he realizes he wants her back, even though he feels that his love for her wasn't enough, especially upon seeing the new guy that she's with. He's mad at himself and at her and uses that anger toward them in the end. I'm not a particular fan of this song, but I like the music video. T.O.P did a great job acting and my jaw dropped when he shaved his hair. The precious black locks ;~; In the end, the girl was sick of T.O.P's crap and kinda put him in his place with one hand movement.

Lastly, we have NassuN's "괜찮아". Unfortunately, I couldn't find a translation of the song title nor English lyrics, but, honestly, it really does fall in the lines of a cheating partner...or it could be another dose of the crazies. I've become a fan of NassuN's, so it was interesting seeing the many sides to him as an artist. He seems regretful and frustrated. Like the previous two male characters, somewhere along the line all those emotions just build and build until they are released onto their objects of affection and their new partner. With a brick and a bat, NassuN goes up 5 levels with a gun [that apparently has unlimited ammo. Bet he used a cheat code XD].

So, what criteria should I use for this battle? If it was music, I would pick Leessang's "I'm Not Laughing" as it was part of what triggered my interest in Korean rap. Plus, I can listen to that song anytime and not be sick of it. If it was visually, I think it's toss up between Leessang and Red Roc, even though NassuN looked awfully handsome with long hair. I think I'm gonna ask you, my precious Cult followers, who needs the most therapy?

I shall set up a poll for it on the right side when I return from A-Kon!

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