Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Promo: Aziatix

[from left to right] Nicky Lee, Eddie Shin, & Flowsik
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Aziatix consist of three talented Asian American male artists with various skills and experience in the music scene. Nicky Lee is a popular R&B and soul singer in Taiwan from Los Angeles and contributes a soulful mature edge to Aziatix music. Eddie Shin has self produced his first album in Korea and contributes a strong, unique yet familiar R&B vocal. Lastly, New York underground rapper Flowsik who has done a collaboration with JYJ and adds the hip-hop swag that completes the group. With the help of producer Jae Chong, Aziatix has the potential to make it big in America and possibly give a voice to Asians in the hip-hop industry.

I've explained previously how Korean rap (and even a hint of Asian R&B) music can be popular internationally and Aziatix proves that with a similar formula that OneWay and 2wins display. They have a bit of an upper hand to most Asian acts as they are fluent in English and are American, but even with that it is still difficult for Asians to make a name for themselves in the hip-hop/R&B community.

So far, the trio has a strong fanbase and have released their first mini-album via iTunes. They have also posted a new video on their YouTube channel promoting it. It has their first single, "Go" which gives a familiar emotion, has a genius arrangement, and a memorable chorus. Their second single from the mini is "Cold" which has a slightly different R&B/hip-hop sound than "Go", but is equally enjoyable. I wish Aziatix the best of luck! I believe (with Far East Movement) they can open people's ears to new things.

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