Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Bad City" by Lolita23q
Have I mentioned how proud I am of this band's growth over the years? They are just getting more and more impressive and I hope I get to see them soon. This is a simple little PV, but it highlights each aspect of the band in the most positive light. Even more so, you can tell these guys have a great chemistry between each other. When was the last time you saw a jrock band having this much fun in a PV?

"Warrior" by B.A.P
You probably didn't know, but before this group's debut I had some small issues with them. Being an all blonde group was the least of my worries since most of the time I don't bother trying to learn names. It was my feelings toward Bang Yong Guk being part of a group and not a solo artist, but seeing the results of their little alien union, I'm not too against it anymore. They have an interesting chemistry between them off the stage and I think this is a great punch to the kpop industry. I think this is more hip-hop than Big Bang claimed to be in the beginning. I believe Bang will be a great leader and perhaps Zelo should leave the speed rapping to Outsider if he can't pull it off live.

"DIRTY" by Miryo
This was on my list of things I was looking forward to and when I saw the teasers, I was spazzing out all of the place. When the video was released I was a little confused, but not completely disappointed. I enjoyed the dark humor concept and the sound was definitely unexpected. Of course, I didn't know what sound would've came from the badass Miryo. I got a chance to skim her solo works and I can't wait to listen to them fully when I get a chance. Please enjoy the playful, dark jokes of this video. It's really good!

"Nanrina" by Block B
From "Freeze!" to "Tell Them", this is a great step for the boys from the block. The song is ridiculously catchy to the point I'm humming it in the morning while I brush my teeth. Yes, I want to go crazy with you guys so much! I believe their competition is the newcomers B.A.P. I think they're definitely neck and neck here, so I hope they keep growing in this direction and that Zico occasionally does an ego check on himself so the group can prosper.

"Wuchi Die Ying" by S.P.Y
Sassy, cute, and sexy are hard things to pull off, but having great vocal talent and impressive choreography is even harder to come by with those other elements. I went back to watch one of their other videos and this was definitely an improvement. I love the direction they're going and this song is pretty catchy. The video is also pretty intriguing from the switch between the girls dancing and their interaction with their male counterpart. Good eye candy there~

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