Monday, February 20, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Know Your Name" by Jay Park feat. Dok2
When I saw the teaser to this video, I wasn't all that excited about it. It sounded too generic for me...for Jay Park! But once it was released, I had to listen to it at least twice a day. The song is very catchy and still keeps that subtle Jay cockiness. The choreography is pretty amazing and the video is very simple. Although, I could've lived without the multiple Jays that just remind me of Miyavi. Best part of the video, aside from Dok2 being apart of it: Mauika Hicks! Yes, there's a sista in the vid and she turns it out! Thank you so much, Jay, for bringing some color into the kpop world.

"Bad Girls" by M.I.A
After watching the catastrophe that is Madonna's "Gimme All Your Love", I came upon M.I.A's latest solo video and I was immediately hooked. She still has that odd rap structure that only suits her and the video is all sorts of amazing. Can we say Fast and the Furious in the desert? From Jay Park to M.I.A, there's so much swag going on here and I'm loving how this song is gracing my speakers with a nice bang. Keep being a bad girl, M.I.A!

"Mystery" by B2ST
Old song is old, but the video is new. I don't get what the purpose of making a new video to a song from the debut era, but it's kinda cute. I guess it's a little Valentine's present to the fans. I thought it was interesting and, yet again, cute. It features a finger boarder and the members being themselves as they sing this old goodie from their beginnings. Another fun little part is the breakdancing. I wonder who the owner of the hand is.

"No Hands (Waka Flocka Cover)" by Neon Hitch
I randomly decided to browse through my recommendations on and I checked out a few artists from the list. Neon Hitch was part of the list and I must say, I think she gained a new fan. I wasn't familiar with the original sound of the song, until I decided to sample it after I watched this cover a couple times and even if I wasn't bias, I would still say this cover is way better than the original. I wish the video was a little longer because it has a very interesting concept (and there's also that whole Big Sean saying about "ass" *coughs* >>;). I think the Europeans are definitely up to something in the talent department. Keep it up!

"Unchained" by Spin Aqua
For some reason, I felt like listening to some Spin Aqua and I thought I should see if they had any PVs when they were together. Indeed they do as you can see. I totally forgot K.A.Z was the other half this duo and I love the man (also forgot he's part of Oblivion Dust too =X). This song is very powerful and has some great emotional vocals from the young Anna. The PV matches the mood of the song very well and it's simple between its cuts of the duo and the storyline. Nice to reminiscence a little. Also, does anyone else thing K.A.Z looks older in this PV than the VAMPS PVs?

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