Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Advice to American KPop Fans on "World Tours"

As a fan of the jrock universe, I've already interpreted and ranted about supposed "world tours". Many American jrock fans know how to do this too and kpop fans are moaning and groaning over the sad truth of what a world and even American tour really means. So, to help you kpop fans out with the heartbreaking reality, I'm doing another post on the "world tour" topic.

Most thoughts can be found in the previous post, but this topic was brought to light when YG did the usual crime of creating false hype around Big Bang and 2NE1 by mentioning they would be touring the world with a special emphasis on America. Now when you see these warning signs, immediately interpret them as California and New York (or New Jersey, because apparently it's the same state in the kpop industry now).

After reading said announcement, automatically believe that's their only American stops and you should either 1. start planning an out of state trip to see your idol or 2. accept the sad truth that those two locations are the only ones that matter. If you go with option 2, then you have to remember to keep your expectations low when idols announce these tours. You will still feel a hint of disappointment and sadness, but the blow will be lessened and won't sting as long.

Eventually, Asia will learn that there are other places that need love and attention too. As North American fans (yes, all of North America), we need to constantly let them know that there is a demand in locations outside of California and New York/New Jersey.

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