Saturday, August 31, 2013


[back row: left to right] Narumi (guitar), Miho (bass), Haruna (drums), Mina (guitar/leader)
[front row] Marina (vocals) 

Members: Marina, Mina, Narumi, Miho, Haruna
Genre: Jmetal, jrock
Country: Japan
Years Active: 2005 -
Status: Active
Notable traits: All-girl metal band
Recommended Songs: Nostphilia; Heart's Grave; Romancer; Fenixx;

Formed in 2005 by Mina, DESTROSE went through quite a few lineup changes before finally stablizing. The band has since been going strong with lives and two releases. Their first single with the current lineup, Nostphilia, was released in November 2012. Their self-titled full length album was released in April 2013. The ladies had their American debut, appearing in the United States at Tokyo in Tulsa, in August 2013. They have announced a new single to be released in November 2013. The title has yet to be announced.

Metal isn't what you would expect from looking at DESTROSE. However, looks can be deceiving. These ladies are often compared to X Japan, but I don't agree with it. Their music is more along the lines of SHOW-YA and Galynerus. The comparison to Galynerus isn't far fetched at all. Vocalist Marina was a former student of Galynerus frontman, Masatoshi Ono. His influence is clearly evident in her vocals. Both guitarists, Mina and Narumi, graduated from the Musician's Institute of Japan. Perhaps, a bit of the structure they learned in those classes has helped the band achieve the sound they currently have.
Look no further in your search for a strong female metal band. DESTROSE has everything you're looking for. Give these girls a chance to blow you away. Their music should appeal to fans of SHOW-YA, Galynerus, Aldious and perhaps even exist†trace.

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